Bonanaza Booth New set up and it comes with real time Chat box. COOL


Well, back to setting up some sites. Learning the ropes of Bonanza. The wonderful part of this store its will cross connect to all you Ebay selling items and convert them to postings on Bonanza.This creates a bigger audiance for advertising items.

Just a reminder, there is a Free Trial before signing up to a Gold Membership costing $40.00 a month. You have to be able to have sales to cover that cost. Because this is Just another fee from your profits.

There is another nice thing about Bonanza, that it also will for a trial period sink your reviews. So, your have already a trial period with good reviews from you ebay account. This is great for crediablity and verifying your Booth in Bonanza.

The big bang of this sites , i would say is the real live chat room. Quality to answer your customers questions in real time. Because the customer can see your online and able to make a judgment call to contact a live person to assist them in there purchase. I think this is a added bonus to the Bonanza Booth.

screen shot of my first Bananza Booth: and the items listed for sale.

What i like about the screen shot is like that first dollar bill you save to frame. I just saving it in a blog for a way to refleck back on these wonderful adventures I take through life. I hope you enjoy seeing the first time set up of my Bonanza Booth and I like to Invite you to come and visit the Booth. I added the link to the Booth so just click and check us out. And Just like to Thank you for your time to visit our set up of our bonanza store. The future will dictate if we keep the doors open and it's worth the adventure of opening a online store. This does have alot of potential and favorable reviews to be part of this new site. come back often we love to chat.  

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