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Recipes for Food from Our Princess Birthday “Tea” Party ~ From an Imperfect Party Planner! (via http://www.thesaturdayeveningpot.com)

The Well-Fed Daughter turned 2 this week!  Poor thing… she ran a fever and felt horrible most of the day.  :(  But thankfully, we had decided to celebrate last weekend. I was surprised at her request for a princess party… at 2?!  I was…

Creditors Knocking

You Still Can Keep Your Home Even If:

You already have the foreclosure complain or foreclosure notice

If you already called your lender and didn’t qualify for a repayment plan

If you lost your job or have not income at all

If you already had a repayment plan before and fail that previous agreement

If you already or will file for bankruptcy No matter how bad is your credit

It doesn’t matter what your current situation is, how bad are you hurting right now, there’s hope, It’ll certainly save your home from foreclosure,


The Five Love Languages

By Clicking on the Books above you will be able to purchase a copy for you loved one

The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift …. Every Time (via http://www.thesaturdayeveningpot.com)

Image credit:  Sister72 via Flickr, Creative Commons License 2.0 [text/box added] Sometimes I wonder if we over-complicate the Valentine’s Day gift giving occasion. Flowers, chocolate, or jewelry always seem like the obvious gifts for women. And…


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