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I just got so excited to actually feature my first giveaway.

Love is the most express feeling in a card

I want to share the best part of creating cards is giving them a way. Because I love all my followers so much. I decided to have a giveaway. So the three cards are a one lot giveaway for following the rules. 1. Comment what is your favorite subject of craft / post your link in the comment page. 2. Follow us on one or all three Pinterest , Twitter and Facebook 3. fill in the contact form so we can send the winner there giveaway We will list the names of the entries in the order of received, and create a feature post as our gratitude for the lucky winner as well. and using the links entered your are providing us with your permission to use your name, and posted link to use in the future post. This will also provide a link on our website to your website. Then we will attach Name and the link to each entry of your site Using the random number generator we will pick the winner on Nov 12, 2015 Please allow two weeks for shipping and tallying of the contest entries.
You must go to the site HERE to enter the contest
I just want you to know that there is a valuable resource of contest to enter and you will have to visit super Saturday link up weekly to participate in all the other contest as well as my link up is there. If you have a giveaway, you might want to consider telling us about it and linky your contest on our featured linky bloggers site.
Have fun and hope to see your entry in our Spiral, Blot and Roll contest. Have fun blogging and thank you for your visit here.

I went above and beyond today for a savings. Getting my perks

Apps that are worthy to download.

I just downloaded the app and got my card loaded with ten bucks to start my week out right. My time is getting more limited to the available time I have , especially squeezing in time to eat as well as to get ready in the mourning. So,  a faster way to start my day off in the mourning. I choose to download an app from a friends suggestions and request to take me out for a cup of coffee.

This wonderful afternoon we decided to download after She got me hooked by the incentives. I then proceeded to downloaded the app, which I got a free coffee and with my AARP member I got my free donut  which to qualify for this AARP card you must be 50 or older, you also will have to purchase  a large or XL coffee. to redeem the AARP free donut.  So, this week I got a good deal plus my birthday is around the corner so dunkin donuts will be giving me another free drink, for using the app  as well . There are also other built in discount incentives to help boost the use of the App.  This months is already a savings to me. And I haven't even spent the ten dollars I loaded on my card yet.   I still have the free drink on my card since the first purchase was a friends invite to take me out for coffee.

Blessed be! for looking out for those alternative ways to save and get a good cup of coffee. I am not a Dunkin donut affiliate.. Just love avid lover of  the dunkin donuts and coffee.  The added plus is the coffee is always hot and good. No matter where I travel. Even the my favorite  My Little Pony is coffee bean. He's such a stinker. I hope you make a savings and join in the group of already running on the dunkin. It sounds good to me. Just another way to enjoy a good cup of coffee and a AARP free donut. You must be 50 or older to get the AARP membership, so with this tidbit, getting older has its perks.

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Choosing your Target Market

First it good to know a time line of the generation target market. Because each generation has gone through different growth in there age time line. For example Generation GI and older generation perhaps don't use the internet, or have and email. so to target this market, you perhaps would do advertising on a TV, newspaper or radio to reach this targeted market. Because this era of population was introduced to the daily paper tossed on there door steps.

If you have a target market around the generation Z I would suggest targeting your consumer through free apps or radio targeted towards the younger generation.

Then the big one is Baby Boomers. they are the most sought after targeted.. Yet they are producing children growth as well. And most of there target market is in the health field do to their aging factor.  These are just one of the factors to consider in choosing who is your target market.

Because the market changes so much over time. As you can see by the illustration that every generation has been touched by some kind of technology and this technology has grown as well through the time line. So this would be something that you would consider to get involved with, except the growth is massive and change a great rate. Could be costly to invest in. Instead it is a better bet to learn the advertising spectrum of this technology to reach your target market.

Generation changes that effect the market.

Media is define as: the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely:

Could be effect by the

Some things that are to be considered in the timeline as well is Age, Location, Gender, Income, Education, Occupation, Ethnicity, martial status as well as how many children they have. You can also include Demographic changes and trends.
For example the news at one time talked about the move to Texas by advertising their was many job openings and cheap housing this could make a open market trend because of migration to the state in growth.
Another example of trends is when the movie hit billion dollar growth, like the movie Frozen you could see the market flooded with all kinds of glitter, party goods and activity on Pinterest of all kinds of DIY projects as well as the stores filling their shelves with items towards this trend. These are well learn over time with the big guys that use there timelines, trends, knowing the target market and advertising to generate revenue.  See how you can start making your own target market then track the trends as well as tracking your Demographics.
I also like to add to the examples in diversity of using language could also be added flair to your articles and ads by using a translated version as well to reach the target market as well.
I an inclosing a word doc so you can start tracking your target market today. Word Doc.

Planning my blogging stradagy ~ and ugly chore

Blogging Strategy:

Keeping it all together is a task, with a full time job as well. So the first thing any blogger should do is set up a strategy. Of course, every time you visit your linky parties and post your blog you are dealing with all the comments and social media so your need to set a time limit that works best for you.

Also when gather your information, Keep a List of things you like to accomplish . I also have great categories such as articles to write with photos and article written. amongst other folders.

I like to accomplish, more than I probably can do. Organization comes in handy. This is why I wanted to set some time aside to accomplish this. I can't say I am the best writer. But, a gift I do have is organization. I love A to Z filing systems and enjoy that computers have folders to help in the organizational skills that I so love. I even used the graph a little to give each site it's own personal day. This way I can enjoy all the things I Love.
Well, if you have seen some of my other post. you would know I got a lot of sites going on and if you like to know all the links and more in depth details I got the site finally completed and what a great list of things to do and visit. Finish reading before you skip over to more about each website and me.

Planning my Week:
This is how I planned my week,  what I love about me is I can look at a picture and put it together without reading the instructions. This is why I planned my calendar to do things with some iconic icons to help me schedule daily activity. I also post this as my wallpaper on my desk top to keep me on the right track and be a good productive. Still like to leave myself time to work on the blogging, with some motivators for activity that will keep me exercising, dieting, and planning for weekly chores. You can not have a blog and neglect your personal life. Or, you will be great at one thing and a failure at others. Keep yourself in check. You still have to leave yourself some learning time as well. Computers upgrade faster than I can afford to keep up with. even my afternoon of looking for a cord to get my robo crafter up and running again. We have been in our apartment and time that it takes to get it all in order is past due. Do here's the mess I had to deal with to find my Robo Craft missing cord.

I had to do an ugly chore (untangle wires)
Now to untangle this mess, I got my tools together and plastic baggies and zip ties, and I also had to add a little box for the router set, which comes with four wires and to box units that work together. 
To untangle the best suggestion I can tell you is start with the larger wires. Much easier to get the T.V. cords out first then work until you get to the very last item. I matched up cords with the phones and combined them in the baggies. After a tidiest two hours of getting things organized. Who-hoo I found the Robo Craft cord, and got a very over due mess cleaned up. Hare's how it finally cane out.
Now the Robo Craft is up and running and I was able to get back on track to making my cards. Completing my first love of Card making is back up and running. Let, me tell you I love to organize, 
After hours of studying about glues, paper, sizes , sketches, parties. I had to make some kind of heads or tails out of it. So what better way is to share all the things I am learning.
Now, I have to show you my task  chart. I set it up Weekly and have room to edit. I got at least all my listed cards up. and now back to working on my sketches and a cards pic tutorials. Overboard Created Creations.  Also it gives me time to make them and show your what I have learn as well.  Hope you visit
Now back to planning my blogging strategy:
Now , Comments and Social media is important for a daily task if you are like myself and enjoy the linky parties (directory here) So, I charted a daily project task planner to help guide me through all my daily activities to not only spend time and learn, but also push myself to write. I couldn't write lengthy articles. So, I choose to make articles like these. Picture tutorial and next I have to find time to learn to make better YouTube  videos. I have dabbled a little, not so good yet. If you want to have a laugh. Head over and give me a comment encouragement. With my plate full, I will have to put the effort forward, using this as a article for one of my daily projects. The lovely thing about blogging. you can gather information, and only when the heart is flowing with ideas. Grab the train and go for it's scenic ride. Through your folders of ideas and grab one of your photo and run with it. See where it takes you.
 I reward myself with praise:
Just so you know. Today I feel I got so much accomplished, I Even took a dip in the pool. Crazy hot today. It was well needed after two hours of sorting wires. I did not wake up with that on my mind. But, I am so happy my Robo crafts is back to working again. I got so energized I made a easel card with some of my scented miniature flowers. That have been stored for over a year. If anything, I will give myself a pat for achieving so much today. I been struggling with my leukemia and it accompanies with fatigue and hard to get things done. With this new Calendar planned out for my projects, to help me keep focused. Then placed as wallpaper on my desk top. I am good to go now, to set this in motion for a bit of a reminder to put time limits and upkeep.
Thanks for visiting, and enjoying the wonderful things I learned and want to share with you. That's what's wonderful about comments and social media you can say you where here and your opinion about what you find interest and if you do find it interesting. Pin it. share it , or Love it. So, much you can do.

Featured Link Up ~ SUSAN B MEAD {DANCE WITH JESUS} Published Author


 Let's welcome our new Link up Directory listing


Let's welcome our new Link up Directory listing. Susan B Mead has a lovely site. With rich information on Jesus and videos that are a must see. I enjoyed the whole afternoon hooking up to her social media sites. And I can say she has some lovely stuff. She would love to have you stop by an Dance with Jesus with her on Friday link up and see all the great things she love to tell you about, Jesus and his loving forgiveness.        I also, am also crazy about butterflies because the bible says if your a new creature (meaning change) :Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new..2 Corinthians 5:17  (KJV)   
This means forgiveness.  I will suggest you head over to Susan B Mead. and learn much more about the love of Christ, and Dance With Jesus.


Let me explain how Feature Link Up works. If you go over and list your site and are picked to be featured. You will be placed at the top of the list in the group of Link Up Directory, until the next feature post outranks you and we will give your a feature post all to you own. Your listing will also be include with your Rules on link up directory, because I believe it's your link up your way. If any edits or errors in postings. I ask your forgiveness and please send me any corrections in the comments provided at our link up directory provided .

Plus, I will be spending time at your site, linking to all your social media, looking for all the wonderful things you have done.

If you have a temporary giveaway or a store , we will not discourage you from joining. Because we are here to work together and like Dance With Jesus. She has a wonderful book and published author. What a great feature to be published, and do DanceWithJesus every Friday.

 I use the  Number Generator @ Wow Widget  only if I don't have a new sign up.

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enough to have fun for the whole week, Newbies are welcome.

Can't wait to see who's next. !!!1

Hebrews 10:23-25, King James Version
23Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)24And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:25Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.


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