Subway Art and Chalkboard Art

What a Creative tool  I like to talk about is Wordle this wonderful tool creates a sort of subway art and chalkboard art. For the card designers it might be a useful tool as a cover page to a beautiful designed card for a very special love one. Perhaps print out a page for a beautiful small gift wrapping paper. Could even make group of words and frame them for additional wall art. Even make a grand gesture to Say a kind word to some one you know. However you use it or what ever you use it for it will be a creative tool to pass on

Subway Art is fun But, I like to use this tool for the quick and easy way out to create the illusion. Especially if you don't want to do all the work and planning the word art and hunting down the right font. This tool will let you just input some words of your choice and the randomizer will build the groups and text and then once you choose the platform you like. The randomizer will ask you to print or save to a public library. Now I saved my created choice to the library. This brings a feature of a Url to copy and paste into my site of choice. so examples of the generated words of my choice see the photos in this article, just to get an idea what you will see on the site. More words to the generator will create a fuller space, and alter the size of the font. They do give you a sort of subway art illusion. Just remember subway art is different from chalkboard art so pick color in you design. What do you think, Nice little generator if you don't want to be bothered with the artistic side and need a quick fix for
having one. I really like simple over hard work this is Easy peas'y to me.

Chalkboard is my favorite, As a Card designer, my love is fallen to many types of creative avenues. Subway art like chalkboard art fall right in it a simpler pattern but it just black and white. Can't seem to get enough reading of it but I utilize very little in my day to day uses. So when I ran across this site, couldn't let it go, had to make use of it. So first I going to tell you about it. and keep it in my library of must have and must do list. I really do most of my chalkboard creations with a 2 to 1 ratio of black acrylic paint and cornstarch since my projects are small approximately a 2 by 2 inch areas to paint. Then I use a chalk ink and load a stamp with words. Pretty simple and easy to do. Now, I like this site for a quick fast print for paper for using for card making on a larger scale. Like making an envelope for my cards or printing a cover page for my cards. Just a word of advice, the generator does not use repeated words. If you choose to repeat a word the generator does not recognize it. Trust me, I tried it. Have fun blogging feel free to use some creative tools.

 by the Author of Overboard Creations

Favicon, side bar and signature

Now at the Heading of our Site with our Logo

will explains what to find in our blog archive

Drawing from the information of what I want to feed my readers. I gather my information on the subjects and side bar design . This is how I want to talk to my readers. 

Are Heading Blog Archive Articles for easy reading is:

Walk through all the operations for creating the Overboard Creations crafting and web template design.
Love of making cards, fashion accessories, all things crafty, and my over the top love for Butterflies
Projects will be for Sale. Freebies will be created. Give a ways will be established.
Success will mean we will always be a under construction
Unfortunately Blogger header only sets up the text in one paragraph one font not for easy reading. Especially if you need paragraphs to explain yourself. So sometime the readers is unable to connect the subject with the blog. This could create a poorly developed site. So, taking the time is essential to your site success and developing readers.
Naturally, the enthusiasm has got me now and setting up a blog site will take a little more effort on my part. Until this achievement  improving and writing my article until a proper group of great reading archive has been established for my readers viewing. All my energy and focus will be trying to make this happen. So if you like what you read. stop back and see our web evolve from a cocoon to butterfly to flutter to blossom to blossom.

We have already made our Logo Design if not you can
read more about it by clicking Logo Design

Designing my Side Bar

Using Fonts and blogger tools.

One of the most important things for a bloggers is to design your own unique identity.  To identify your own identity we will review a few ways to obtain this by using some of the tools and equipment that are provided by the bloggers sites of your choice.

 Now you should have already added to your site a Logo.  The power of your logo will be now, narrow down to using some specific details that you can expand to your sidebar..  The Side bar image should have some pull from an original design from your logo.  But, not the Logo itself, This could be details such as color identifiers or perhaps a specific loop or squiggle that identifies you from others. This design could be a specific font or a new design that you will now use through your whole design.

 by using repetition in your designs you will not only educate your readers. You will use familiarity to make identifiers for easy finding things such as articles, freebies, or even a symbol that can identify you from others. Don’t just stop at this. Having something good to read and wonderful information that will bring return to your site is also important.  This is why we need to grow followers reading to create streaming to our Blog site. Of course this will be an article that we will talk about in greater detail.

Overboard Creations Logo identity
 already in place Icon designed from the Logo review 
This is our Logo Design for Overboard Creations (registered trademark)
This icon or also known as a Favicon (defines as Favorite Icon)  a Favicon Photo is as small as  .26 by .26 square a tiny icon saved to your computer for upload, found on WEB TAB. Other uses for my Favicon  (bullet) (signature) 

This Design will identify when a FREE cutter file is available. Note the cutter sizing in the heart to indicate for a cutter file used symbol.
This design is for Grab Your Butterfly (alternative to the Grab your Button) used on many blogger sites for readers to place on their blog sites. Many useful purposes and this is a must have tool for all bloggers to use on their websites.  
Grab my Butterfly (known as Grab your button) don’t be afraid to make slight changes as shown from my example. For the bloggers grab it button design is a very familiar platform and bloggers utilize this button frequently.

Designing the Side Bar we are going to use or new helpers for help with explanations. This break down of the Overboard Creations Side Bar into sections. Using our newly made Bullets as you can also see now all are sub bullets have change for sub folders. so we are going to use a little heart to draw attention to a sub folder.
Digital use of the favicon can be also great imported into your letterhead  drafts.

Our side bar image sections for this particular site will be as follows
  •  Home (active link)
    • Grab my Butterfly (html link active for fellow Bloggers use)
    • Comment
    •  your always welcome (Text Only)
    •  Procraftinating comments (active link to a comment board)

  •  Articles
    • A bloggers design inserted by blogger tool (Posting Article also known as blog Archive)
    •  Photo Gallery
    • Pinterest (overboard created creations) Photo archive available for the reader
  •  Store   
    • Selz ( specific items from the Projects Posted in articles)
    • Etsy ( specific items for sale not in articles)
  •  Bottom of ever site you will find my
      • About the Author ( without an author there is nothing to read)
      • Goggle Friend Connect Join this site (with out a reader there is nothing to write)
      • Badges ( Accomplished groups task of achievements for credibility )
      • Penny for my Thoughts article plus Donate PayPal widget
      •  Copyright disclosure
      •  Random drawing give a way generator

By choosing to be a little different and yet stay with other blogging design. We don’t want to confuse the reader. But, a familiarity to every visit to your site will aide the readers find the specific items of interest. The Ultimate achievement would be that your audience gain would be on the return to followers into streaming viewers. If, you keep it simple, keep it familiar.   Yeah, the unveiling of the final design for Side Bar since I am over the top for butterflies. I design this goodie for my side bar for more uniformity. to be organize my side bar.
Download the Butterfly Font

Download the Butterfly Font

This became the winner of my sidebar trials and designs.  I loved that the butterflies are generated in each letter. But disappointed with clarity in small text format.
Author Overboard Creations

 Dawn Castrova

In addition I use my Favicon to using this on my posting to my signature at the end of my posting as well as my Signature on my Letterhead.

by the author of Overboard Creations

Computer Crash Can hurt

Computer Crash Lead me to This.

Why?  Blogging of every move I make, Finding my downloads  information in a public blog. Well guess what I going to tell you.
Did you ever have that computer crash,  lost important documents including all photos. Even your thoughts just vanished into space. Well I have experienced this lost first hand.  A incredible lost of entire website. Downloaded photos that I spent hours in a year digitally designing.  I didn't back it up. then it gets worse, Got a new computer  and my drivers wont run. 32 bit and 64 bit have different operating systems. I run a lot of older programs because there nothing wrong with them. Don't fix what isn't broke. That's my saying, I not all about keeping up with the Jones.

Well even backing up the computer sometimes don't work either. What if the whole computer crashes, scene break or another irreplaceable drive cannot be found. the Crash my effect you harshly. This crash was a hard drive this information unrecoverable.  Wow computer two, all my photos of my past vacations, didn't back it up. I meant to, I say I get to it over and over again. But, life kept getting in the way. Well! Lesson learned the hard way. I making information available also to myself.  The Font is a Free website and you my find the font upload by the cutter file icon. I love butterflies so maybe some day when I lost and broken. I have all that research and sites to recover all that I researched in a safe downloadable site. I can recover my information in a fast and safe manor. Intact the way I made it.
Now I am backed up on Goggle drive, Drop-box, blogger blogging or web site and my thoughts are out in the open.  I am backed up one way or another. I know where I put it, I have it all in a organized and easy downloadable site. Also copyright laws protect you from using my detail. But, what's the harm in helping others create  and get on there way to freedom.
by the Author of Overboard Creations



Grow Your Blog Party Giveaway Has 113 Winners

WOW!!!! what a smashing Hit the Grow Your Blog Party Give A Ways had about 600 Blogging Entries  113 of these Bloggers had give a ways and here are the Winners: Some of the Links are available. Scoot on over congratulate the winners personally or comment below your congratulations for all to view.
Please read to the end is our wonderful Thank you to our Bloggers who created these gifts.

Lot of red ribbons and scraps
 in red with multiple winners.
Vickie (A Stitcher's Story)
Monica (hoopless stitcher)
Mary B
Nan (Nan's Needlework Notions)
Vintage Pic Frame
Gift Assortment
Cj stiching
Heart ,bowl ,wash cloth
Terriea at
Penndant daily entries
Entry #2777 Heather J.
Sister Site
Entry Above Winner
Refurbished reader digest journal
Lesley Ann from Plum Hollow!
Congratulations Barbara  Woods has 3 blogs!
Wont-to-be quilter Quilting and Daily Life
A Simply Great A Quilting Blog
13 give aways
Winner 1:  Judy Cooper!
Winner 2:  Birgit!!
Winner 3:  Michelle !!
Winner 4:  Feb 23
Recipe cards:
Owl art
Free to Anyone that Stops by her shop

Jan Manley of Sew and Sow Farm
Mystery giveaway
Your gifts are:
a cute little Babushka scissor fob, a nail file which looks like a ruler
Oversea winner
Austrailian winner
Carole from "Carole's Soulfelt Creations
Gift Tag supplies
Catie An, from Catie An & Co.
Shirley, from Shirley's Stitches
Your prize is a scissor fob, made with Swarovski crystals and seed beads.  When the light catches it, it makes the most beautiful rainbows. 
SUMMER from My Craft Corner!
Necklace, threads and fabric
Melissa from Missouri
Teal book
Stichery of mirabella
Birgit who won the Sampler and
Patty Antle who won Persephone.
3 fabric corners
6. Brenda Hulsey- "I love the quilt on your bed! Beautiful. I haven't done one of those yet. I live in western KY just south of Owensboro."
14. Diane Wingo- " Love that quilt.  I was born and raised in Nashville, after moving around a bit have now settled in Mt Juliet."
Tassie Treats
 is Jen Barnard.
2 winners for a beautiful
Hand Towel
Not Posted as of 2/23/2014
3 separate drawings of earrings for a give away
A second site….cloister of your heart
Secree seeds
Vintage Brouch
Wine holder
Crafty Set Winner is:
Stephanie Jenkins
Mailing Set Winner is:
Mystery gift is
hardanger bookmark.
Seated Angel pattern
Patty from Patty's Pretty Things
 unknown site (if you have site please forward)
Color wheel
Free PDF Calendar with her fabulous stitch prints
Free to Anyone that Stops by her shop
dainty lace edged hand towel and trivet. 
Country Gal, a fellow Canadian from the blog 'Woods Country Cove'
winner of Artful Blogging issue is Karen at Todolwen
Mountain soap
Diane of OKCamp.
Spring Raggedy pillow
DeAnna S. of Atlanta
Color wheel
And a set of Die Cuts,
embossed pansy stationary and a pair of medallion earrings
DebraKay Nieman from Oklahoma
Linda from Crafty Gardener
Used books for ideas
Fabric red pouch
Valerie Reynolds
Crochet wash clothes
$25 gift certificate to Stitchin' It Up Quilt Shop.
Oh yes, I haven't drawn the winner for the gift certificate yet, so if you still want to enter you have until tomorrow evening (February 20,2014) at 5 p.m. to do so, you can find the post here.
Not posted  as of midnight 2/22
Mystery gift
Gina of Sew Much and More
Earrings and mystery gift
4 vintage cards with envelope
Tanya at Bead and Needle
DeAnna S. of Atlanta
Starbucks $ 25 certificate
Maggie of The Mag Rag. 
Needle Case
Judy on the blog Attic Raggedys
Towel , pencil, $10 starbucks certificate
Deborah Montgomery from The Beautiful Matters
Mug Rug
Ellee is a no reply blogger
Prize claimed by email
Fabric Bracelet
Sandy Campbell  
Candy bar and 5 booklets
Nan Smith,  visit her at:
 charm pack/fabric square
Christmas carolers
Stitch kit
#7 Sophie
2 Wine bags. Store in glove compartment for spontaneous gifting
From Newfoundland, Canada --
Judy Cooper of Judy Cooper Textile Images
Tammy from Casa Mariposa
Teas of variety and crochet heart mug rug
5 blank postcards, dream catcher, tiny address book
Mystery gift
Not Posted as of 2/23/2014 
Four Doilies
Machine quilting fabric
Sarah and Dan
My favorite tv series
Sheila @ Sheila's Quilt World
Colorful threads
to Billie Kretzschmar, at BillieBee's Blog
12 quilt patterns
Marly blogs at MarlysQuilts,
3 patterns
Martha from How to Make a Quilt blog - Strawberry Social. Her informative website is HERE.
Mary Engelbreit and her studio is amazing! You can see it HERE
Diane from I Dew Quilting. She wins the Owl pattern, Remember Whooo Loves You. She is a maching quilter who does beautiful work! You can see a sample HERE.
Peachy bowl, hand towels, ribbons, purse size note
Tisha Dalton of April Songstress.
Lace , shoe, punch out butterflies
Ines from Germany!
Tea, tea plate, napkins, nail polish, fragrance
Donna Heber of Donna's Designs,
Collage book page
Ziplock bag of salvenges
Mystery gift.
Rosa is my winner! She is from Spain and Here  is the link to her blog
She gave early
Scrapbooking papers
cardstock, charms, tags, 2 stamps
Winners are
Nifty Fifty prizes
Stitch panel
Jan at sewandsowfarm
5 inch charm squares
Not Posted as of 2/23/2014
Handmade card with tea bag
Mollie Makes magazine, a pack of 15 new 18" x 6" pieces of Shirting all pressed and ready to cut out plus a pack of 2 Needle Grabbers for the hand quilters amongst us
Lynn Cockrell
coin purse or cross stitch item
Maddy of Woomba Woomba
Scissors with a key chain gem
Lynn Cockrell.
cardinal stitch patter starter kit
France nadeau
Inspiration imagination creations
Mystery 2 giveaways
 judith #1 winner
Diane E W  #2 winner
Fabric Packet
Vicki Hill  email has been sent
Ric rack patterns
Bobby  prizes could be a sock puppet/towels or napkins
Cindy from The Crane’s Nest
Dawn from Sadie Jewelry Design
Kerrie from Australia–
Tea set
Anonymous Janet
2 prizes
Thread/ needle and pattern
Seed with garden gloves
Shauna of Shaunas-World.
Feb 31 drawing
Love of bears and all things. pattern
Something vintage
Jennifer @ KarmasJourney
 Nicole @ My Garden Diaries.
Surrounded By Love bundle
A Quilting Mother's Journey
Sewn or crochet mystery gift
Michele Hebson from "By Hook and Needle"
Custom spirit holder wing collection
Bubble heart cursor
Earrings or beads
Annamarie of Wiscousin
Frame 5 by7   FEB 5th drawing
Kathy Harris is the winner.
She chose Yellow Flower as her prize.
Basting tool / fabric
aka Gina
Pincushion, Mug Rug, BMark
Needle case
Better Holmes mag on cross stitch.
Stitch cards
Winner #1 of the beaded needlecase:    Kay
Winner #2 of the Christmas cross stitch book:  Ann C. from Colourful Cross Stitch
Mystery Gift . But, she will be more specific to your talents. Doll
All things so pretty, pen,    paper, cup cake cups.
Not Posted as of 2/23/2014
Coin purse
Jayne from Jaynes stitching tales
Pouch of my very own
Prayer Request
 through the Guide Post the Gift of Jesus
Corresponding card set
Dolores Fegan, a beautiful quilter who blogs at Delores Quilts,
3 giveaways..
Prints on canvas
Jan Manley of
Andrea Ostapovitch
Patch work heart
Lisa from Needles and Wool
4 afgans
Congratulations Tanya, Beth, Dorothy and Karen!

#42 Emily C won the red and black fat eights and said:
#20 Barb won the personalized pen
#9 QuiltSwissy won the personalized embroidered Sewing Studio artwork
from Olde Baggs ‘n Stuft Shirts

    Blogging party was amazing. Can you believe the beautiful woman from all around the globe make extravagant home made items to lavish to one individual, With that warm hearted gift of a one of a kind item of irreplaceable memories. These blessing are a kindness that a Thank You is most graciously delivered to you. Which I hope, I speak for myself and add all the recipients, that we want to THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts. The time, wisdom, creativity and knowledge of all these gifts which you have given. These gift where created to be given with heart to heart. What a wonderful enjoyable day I had spending Valentines Day with you.
   Even reviewing over blogs has been a delight. What do I do with all this new found friends. So I went on another quest of organizing my thoughts. I quest I have a sort of OCD for creating list lately. This is why I started blogging in the first place. My husband said I was all over the Map. Well, I took it literally as all my husband words I take to heart. But, maybe I going a little overboard. but, well that's who I am (he he).  So. I have to organize  with categories for my new Bloglovin. and Goggle friends.
    Work in Progress program of organizing my new found friends and keeping connected.

        To Be continued.....


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