Mother's Day Card Printable ~ Free

Mother Day is coming up. I hope that everyone is not leaving this to the last minute. I know in the past I have had  my late deliveries of flowers or even wishes. So, I am making my post ready to go for all the Mothers that I love to share my wishes to. So I kinda going to send mine over the Internet. And I hope that they will be printed on the recipients end. So, this post is for all the mothers that have shared special moments with me. Treated me as their own since my mother has pasted. I was always a Momma's girl, and I have over the years have adopted many friends Mothers as my own. So, My  Love and wishes is to send my wishes to all the Mothers Around the world. A Happy Mothers day. My mother was very special Lady and wonderful to me, as I am sure many others Moms are special to their children. I have made a special one printed out for my neighbor, which is a Mother too! This will be an Example for folding a Quarter fold Card Printable.

First you will either copy and save this Photo

You will have a File that you can print on Perferrably
A heavier stock of Paper. for store Quality.
I actually showing regular typing paper.
To show that it will still be elegant 
with rich quality on Ink Settings.

Next we are going to Trim the Area which is clearly Marked 
This will make a gorgeous 4.5 x 3.5 Card 
when complete
Now, We can fold the card in Half and crease the Edges tight
Then Fold in Half Again
This will make the four panels of a nice card
Then all you have to do
Present all the Mothers in your Life
A Beautiful Mothers Day Card

by the Author of Overboard Creations

#SimplyCaptivatingPhotoChallenge‬ ~ Wet


I think when ever it rains I always get the Blues
What a Fantastic representation of Rain then using the color Blue

Mothers Day Gift ~ Under $3.00

Cosmetic Bag           

Now Consider Filling your New Found Cosmetic Bag with:

  1. Hand Cream
  2. Nail polish
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. Ring (Wrapped Gift Box)
  5. Gift Card  or a ( Spa Day)
  6.  Filler to make it look Pretty
                         Might be some left over from Easter

I Choose all items that complimented the bag, as well as a Subject to focus on her hands. Why the Hands? Mothers give great love and care, that comes from the Heart. Even though most people would say it in a paraphrasing way, that a Mother works her fingers to the bone. Keep her soft and tender with splurging a little care back to the one that so tenderly gives.

You Now have Created Your Mother Day Gift Elegant and Mothers Day is  May 11

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‎SimplyCaptivatingPhotoChallenge‬ ~ Eyes

This Was the hardest one yet, I tried capturing my eyes. This was impossible for I work nights, which creates tired, blood shot eyes. So I worked on Amira's eyes. When I thought I wouldn't get a good picture. She surprised me again.

SimplyCaptivatingPhotoChallenge‬ ~ Color


Demonstrating my love for color by using coloring pages and gel pens. But, I always use a Black fine tip marker to outline the project to add that extra zip to the keep my lines clear. And How can I not express myself without using my favorite image the Butterfly. 

To demonstrate using gel pens I used multiple metallic gel pens to make each individual butterfly unique.  Making each upper and lower wings in complementing colors, to give the butterfly an individual appeal that I can used later to make a card of any occasion.

Kittys Easter Day in the Sun

I like to show off my Kitty Amira, she is just the love of My husband and myself. We haven't been blessed with children at this time in our life. But, not all is disappointing. We got blessed with a cat that gives us great joy. Now she is just amazing, with a complimenting personality to being a ham for the camera. Maybe we just narrate her feelings, like a movie with the sound off. But, we have learned to give her freedom, Love and then of course attention, really she gets a lot of that. Greeting us every mourning from work, or her acknowledging her disappointment when we leave to work. I can't even remember those days, when she wasn't part of blessing our lives with her sunshine. Now, myself I am not interested in taking photos of self. But, Amira shares the love of photo taking as my husband love the camera. He is very photogenic and not afraid of a little attention from the camera pointing his way. In the other hand, If I didn't put the polishing on the blank canvas of my face, or put color to my cheeks, I be the first person to shy from the lens pointing my way. On a good day I perhaps will smile and say cheese. Really, can't imagine not taking photos of all things around me, to capture that perfect moment to remember. So, with all the settings just perfect, from the day being at it's most beautiful back drop. It's was time to pull out the camera a make a great day of it. Let's show off the pictures that captured my heart, that made me laugh, and inspired me to share with you, That Easter mourning of May 2014.

First off, Amira was enjoying watching the birds and couldn't wait to climb a tree to catch one of those kitty delicious delicacies that she unfortunately disappointed that she didn't catch. As you can see, she is very camouflaged by her coat almost matching the landscape of the tree.
As  her human mommy, I feared that she was going to get stuck if she would climb higher on the limbs that looked so fragile. I really had to think quick to grab the camera to remember her first climb for my moments to remember. Also how am I going to get her down. Then I grab an egg filled it with some cat treats. It became a game and an humorous moments. As she now no longer is interested in the birds flying by. Her attention gets easy distracted by this new found object of curiosity, filled with smells of tantalizing treats that she wanted to investigate. Intrigued by it's oddity, color, smells and desire to retrieve the treasure. Kept her entertain her as well as our laughter that keep us glued to her. Until we joined in the fun with pictures with her.

As an added Picture
Humorous:  Amira laying Easter Eggs.
Serious:Amira Protecting Her Easter Treasure
Funny: Dinner was Delicious
Amira enjoyed the tree right up to the sunset of the evening. Playing, staring into the sunset, until the day came to a close and of course she came down all by herself as we Said our farewells to the day, good night to the Easter day. [Below Husband and Wife ] Enjoying the Easter day with Amira.

Author by Overboard Creations

Precious are the Few Moments shared

Precious are the Few Moments that I got to share a photo that was posted from my Facebook Friend. She woke up to the beauty this mourning. This captured moment with the smell of her blooming Lilac Bush. Behold as you can see a beautiful Butterfly spreading her wings far and wide. With stunning features of symmetry in her radiant yellow wings. Enjoying the sweet nectar of her Lilac bush in full bloom. this is what I am  missing working through the night and sleeping all day. The Brilliance of the sun waking up nature windows to enjoying the frolic of the sounds of the secret life of the mourning that I sleep away. Oh how I miss the mourning birds chirping and greeting the day, With the smell of fresh mourning air. 
As I reflect back, it's doesn't seem so long ago. But, life passes me by so quickly, as the few moments shared by any beautiful moment. Really, was glad that I woke up today and got a glimpse of this photo and asked if I could share it with all my new friends in the blogging world. Couldn't tell you how glad it made me feel, when she said sure Dawn. This memory will last me a life time in my heart, of the blessings I get when I see the Majestic butterfly in its own habitat resting, floating, and even the changing from it's cocoon of slumber. Waiting it's precious time of transformation until it will soon one day be among us, as a new creature to share it's beauty and delicate fragile form.

Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to stop and see the world and all it's glory. And share a Precious Moment with some one.

Author by Overboard Creations

Filling Your Eggs and Baskets On Easter Day


Of course I don't have children, so my kitty Amira had her day in the sun with her own personal Easter day hunt. filling her egg with teasing kitty treats to intrigue her interaction for photo shooting. Of course I got a magnificent photo [shown above] which made me proud. you can also see Kitty photo shoot in the side bar. Click to see more. This was just too cute of a photo, that I wanted to share it with you. Had over 100 cute photos of her climbing a tree and enjoying the first day out. Some funny, humorous and of course the serious Amira at play.

I just included some interesting items that you can
 Build Your Own Easter Basket and Fill your Easter Eggs for A Treasure Hunt

How Fabulous, Its Easter and Spring is showing itself through the beauty of Gods Landscape. The Resurrection of Christ will be Celebrated for many people of all walks of life. Singing and having  beautiful festive foods to appeal to the eye. With Mourning treasures to be found from a fairy tale bunny, a great day to spend with family and see the Surprise of Children's Faces when they treasure hunt to find their eggs hidden under the sun, items of treasures usually tucked away in a plastic egg.

Use Loose items like these
Jelly Beans.
marshmallow eggs,
National Park Coins, it's also National Park Week April 19-27
Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs    see Article

Also Don't Forget to Buy those Basket Items. Some Have Already built Easter Baskets all filled to the brim with items. Then Here you will find some great Items to fill your Individual Basket with. We also made it easy to choose the item and linked them through Amazon for easier shopping. Your great online resource.
  1. Barbie Dolls  
  2. Baseball Cards
  3. Blocks
  4. Board Games
  5. Bouncy Ball
  6. Bubble Bath
  7. Bunny Ears
  8. Bunny Slippers 
  9. Camera
  10. Chalk
  11. Children's Bible
  12. Coloring books
  13. Crayons
  14. Easter Socks
  15. Finger Paints
  16. Frisbee
  17. Personal Hair Accessories
  18. Jump Rope
  19. Lego's "The Movie"
  20. Leggins
  21. Makers
  22. Movie Tickets
  23. Nail Polish "Pastels"
  24. Stationary
  25. Play dough & Crafts
  26. Pool Toys
  27. Puzzles
  28. Rubik's Cube
  29. Sand Pail with toys
  30. Silly Putty
  31. Slinky
  32. Stickers
  33. Stuffed Animals
  34. Sunglasses


Bloggers Opportunities and Decisions

A Wave of Opportunities being a Blogger 
Ocean full of decisions to Make

Being Prepared on  Disclosures, Taxes, and Keeping Records, 
These Affiliate programs which is a wonderful opportunity to be a stay at home Mom, but we have guidelines with our choice to work at home and paying out of pocket in starting out, ( Domain names to register, Website to design or have someone set the site in motion.
Start up could be a long time before seeing any revenue from the efforts applied. Thanks to the Free Sites to get us up and running. But, .Com cost

These links included are not affiliated referenced sites. associated on this Article  
  Just very good go to resources.
This Article is for beginners who are aiming to make better living

  1. Being Prepared: Don't Quit Your Day Job
United States government Site
is very encouraging in helping new growth to the community and offer a lot of valuable information.  But first you must prepared yourself with the need to know information that you may take. Here you can download on the government site a helpful guide and template to plan your strategy before starting out.
   Business Guide Template  []for myself was the best thing to organize my fields before setting out on the business of my choice. Even if you don't complete, it's really a great start to organize thoughts and fill in the what you should know about business in general. This is a Free Download
You Should *Save one first so you keep and original copy, and save one for the editing copy.

Article from a Bloggers obtain these useful and informative blogging materials. I want to thank her  for writing a very well explained Article on the Disclosure, Federal Trade Commissions, and Blogging responsibilities

REPORTING ( Taxes the Law )  realizing that the government wants there share of our booming and growing internet sales with there online shoppers and affiliate programs much needed valuable information for the need to know bloggers, you must reported income, click on this link the tax forms and publication for a Affiliate Marketing.
This is estimate cost of start up for any PA business, fees to pay taxes.
Addition taxes will apply depending on state, property own/rent
food business or corporation etc... this is only a estimated value to consider
Lawyers can set these up with out getting involved Just more ($$$$)

Keeping good records is how it is done. There is various ways to keep records and being prepared of what there will be is part of the guide template will help aide you in some of the topics that may apply to your business, also this will help in your valuable information you must keep tabs of. Important need to know information, list and organization skills are part of running a affiliated programs that you will find in this article of keeping records.


Getting a Daily to do List together for your Social media accounts [ ] will help in organizing your tweets to be made, comments to share, Important of liking and being liked. Pin it has it play in the world of blogging too click the link and find out why?

Copyrights on Images
here's a list of sites to get free images [] keep yourself from harms way.

Why Click Affiliate Bloggers
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~Get involved

Teaching others click on our blogger sites, buy through Affiliated blogger. With the hopes that viewers learn to click on a site to shop. We are supporting our Work @ home affiliated friends.

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Author by Overboard Creations

Make A Butterfly designed Card and get linked

                    Open Tuesday, April 15, 2014 12:09 AM, Dawn Castrova

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      1.  Butterfly embellished  type of cards only 
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      4. Catalog

        Overboard Creations A to Z Butterfly Fans type of cards

      5.  all submitted info coincide with Event planner to comment 
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        Blue txt  [Linked]
      8.  Event to be open

        Wednesday, May 21, 2014 at 7:00 PM
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        will reopen for any incomplete  data

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      This is for the Butterfly fans out there only. Join in the Fun Projects will be part of developing  A to Z type of card in picture photo mat for browsing pleasure. To excite the beginners to extremist card designers When the all Links posted. Prize is Advertising your web page at the featured in Next Blogging Party Event.  When all types of Cards are This could take several events to complete....

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Top Rated Idea of the Month

5.0 out of 5 stars I Recomment Highly, April 14, 2014
Dawn Castrova
This review is from: 4M Recycled Paper Beads Kit (Toy)
I am an adult crafting lover, This really made my life easier and able to accomplish my task with ease.

FANTASTIC! A Paper Bead Makers Dream Come True.,
April 5, 2013
= Durability:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Fun:5.0 out of 5 stars  = Educational:5.0 out of 5 stars 
This review is from: 4M Recycled Paper Beads Kit (Toy)
I have taught paper bead making classes and I really recommended this product.

First off it is a little difficult to get the hang of but once you can do it you can make paper beads that look perfect and turn them out soo fast it is hard to believe! Much better than what I had been doing for years with a wooden skewer or toothpick.

The thickness of the bead you make depends on how long and wide the paper strip you feed to the device is. So I must disagree with the above reviews saying the beads this makes are too small. You pick the size by how you cut your paper.

This is made of really strong, heavy duty plastic. I think it will last forever for me.

My only problem is figuring out how to glaze the beads afterwards since I have to take them off the device to do it.

Overall this is still a 5 star, A++ Product! I LOVE IT!

(I recommend a paper cutter to go with this so paper strips can be cut much faster and more accurately.)

This Event is Closed
 Make a Butterfly designed Card and get linked 

    On Tuesday, April 15, 2014 12:09 AM, Dawn Castrova wrote:

      You are invited to the following event:

      Butterfly embellished  type of cards only                                        must go through Event planner to attend.           Free to JoinReview the Catalog of cards to submit comment to the card design that is [not assigned]


      Overboard Creations A to Z Butterfly Fans type of cards

      all submitted info coincide with Event planner to comment  

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      Event to be open

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      This is for the Butterfly fans out there only. Join in the Fun Projects will be part of developing  A to Z type of card in picture photo mat for browsing pleasure. To excite the beginners to extremist card designers When the all Links posted. Prize is Advertising your web page at the featured in Next Blogging Party Event.  When all types of Cards are This could take several events to complete....

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