Mothers Day Gift ~ Under $3.00

Cosmetic Bag           

Now Consider Filling your New Found Cosmetic Bag with:

  1. Hand Cream
  2. Nail polish
  3. Hand Sanitizer
  4. Ring (Wrapped Gift Box)
  5. Gift Card  or a ( Spa Day)
  6.  Filler to make it look Pretty
                         Might be some left over from Easter

I Choose all items that complimented the bag, as well as a Subject to focus on her hands. Why the Hands? Mothers give great love and care, that comes from the Heart. Even though most people would say it in a paraphrasing way, that a Mother works her fingers to the bone. Keep her soft and tender with splurging a little care back to the one that so tenderly gives.

You Now have Created Your Mother Day Gift Elegant and Mothers Day is  May 11
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