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Mother Day is coming up. I hope that everyone is not leaving this to the last minute. I know in the past I have had  my late deliveries of flowers or even wishes. So, I am making my post ready to go for all the Mothers that I love to share my wishes to. So I kinda going to send mine over the Internet. And I hope that they will be printed on the recipients end. So, this post is for all the mothers that have shared special moments with me. Treated me as their own since my mother has pasted. I was always a Momma's girl, and I have over the years have adopted many friends Mothers as my own. So, My  Love and wishes is to send my wishes to all the Mothers Around the world. A Happy Mothers day. My mother was very special Lady and wonderful to me, as I am sure many others Moms are special to their children. I have made a special one printed out for my neighbor, which is a Mother too! This will be an Example for folding a Quarter fold Card Printable.

First you will either copy and save this Photo

You will have a File that you can print on Perferrably
A heavier stock of Paper. for store Quality.
I actually showing regular typing paper.
To show that it will still be elegant 
with rich quality on Ink Settings.

Next we are going to Trim the Area which is clearly Marked 
This will make a gorgeous 4.5 x 3.5 Card 
when complete
Now, We can fold the card in Half and crease the Edges tight
Then Fold in Half Again
This will make the four panels of a nice card
Then all you have to do
Present all the Mothers in your Life
A Beautiful Mothers Day Card

by the Author of Overboard Creations
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