Ultimate Blog Party 2014

About Me:
Dawn Lala Houda Mzioud Castrova
Married to a wonderful supportive husband with no children. Sad to say but, they are heavenly owned children, Titus and Jacob, busy singing for my Lord and Savior. Got married in Morocco 2013, and Work at Amazon.com. My attention is mostly spent on learning and creating greeting cards. I just recently dabbled in creating a blog site and joined the blogging world this January of 2014. I could immediately realize that I joined my first blog party. Knowing that without readers, there would be no reason to write. So, here I start my quest to establish cyber friendships, readers, and learning the world blog hopping. This is only my second blog, really excited to visit some new cyber friends.
Reading and Writing is my passion.

My Cat is Amira and her Photo Shoot article in the side bar if you like to meet her.

Today, is the Ultimate blog party kick off, another  wonderful blog party. Really excited that I join, Seems I have already got my first whoops for the Ultimate Blog Party, I didn't do my home work. Because my usual night job got in the way. So just to tell you a little about myself.

Linky Tool (a new concept for me)
This blog party involved learning and using a new tool to explore, you might of heard of it the Linky tool by a designer and published author Brent Riggs. It's free to join for the first 30 days. so on board I went, to join in the fun. Of course the ultimate blog members that sign up have gone through the process and joined on board with the Linky tools. Just a basic review that the tool is a process to link up your blog to a blog party. To learn more you can go to  5minutesformom site. HERE It will explain a little more detail of setting up the basic uses of Linky Tools for future blog parties.

The Creator of Linky Tools also is a published author which after joining i got really intrigued with Brent Riggs accomplishments who is a business man, published author and christian. Some books that he has published are:


These are just six of the 17 books i have run across that he has written. I have only four ebook at this time. Hoping to read more of his publish works. click on the books and you can purchase your own copy which i highly recommend. He is the owner of Linky tools website, with other great blogs to read with more valuable knowledge.

I am no published author but, I can say I have a few of my own accomplishments in writing articles on my WordPress blog site  http://overboardcreatedcreations.wordpress.com/  dabbling in writing about the types of cards. Each category will soon have links to actual complete projects. But, the subject matters has been written. That brings me back to why I joined the blog parties as wells as liking to write and read, learning is a great part of the enjoyment and getting to know the cyber community intrigues me. How wonderful it is to get to know you. Hope to be soon reading about you and your loving homes, projects, crafts , photos, recipes, and the much more that you have to offer to the world of reading. 

Bloggers Wow Widgets Again I must explain I am a work in progress blogger, meaning that my posting are quite few but, informative, genuine, and from the heart. I have put multiple hours rearrange widgets and learning widgets to better displaying my blog site. With hopes to fill with more information with less clutter. Widgets to me are wonderful creative way to do this. If I have got your interest on widgets, my website i have a informative group of widgets already discovered go to Sites that are published Here. Wonderful thing about the website as the technology grows so does the beauty of widgets, always something new and evolving. Always on the look out for the simplest and easiest way to apply the widget to the blog. I know computer writer and don't want to spend hours figuring out something that others have that talent. Thank you talented people for your wonderful hard work and use of your simplified work to add widgets into our blogs.  I found them I use them and WOW I love them. Now i sharing your sites and insights to others. Most of the Article are simply and more to the point of going to other sites to get more detailed information to creating your own. This list is a great reference point for all the blogging tools widgets that I myself have explored. Now if you have trouble i am not by any means taking ownership of there products or information. Just informative information that the skills are out there. It's just like owning Gadgets in the kitchen. You want the coolest and newest thing out there, and just sometimes the original way is best choice out there.                                                                               

Now why? am I talking about Widgets with you . Well, I joined the Ultimate Blog Party and I wanted and easier way to have you like me, follow me. So I had to added another widget. and posted it on my Wow Widgets posting and want to share them with you. In hopes that it makes a better path to reaching out to add me to you group of friends. My last blog party, realized that not everyone is on the same social media networking and so I added all the ways that you can reach out to me.

Sorry, I didn't create any prizes and I know we all like prizes and gifts just wisdom. I too like to get freebies and lovely gifts. But, I didn't get it together. Because, I got a promotion in my responsibilities at my job (I work at Amazon.com) and i just love my job, the same time a house came to my attention that I can't pass up. So all these good things happening. I have no time to create the things I love the most. I hope this don't discourage you from liking my fan page, or following on blog lovin, reading my blogs, or pining my items. I loved to have you as my cyber friend your invited.

Now, I am going to check out my new friends and do the linky tool, blog hopping, blog growing, contest grouping or all the wonderful things that are happen at the Ultimate Blog Party.
by the Author of Overboard Creations

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