Filling Your Eggs and Baskets On Easter Day


Of course I don't have children, so my kitty Amira had her day in the sun with her own personal Easter day hunt. filling her egg with teasing kitty treats to intrigue her interaction for photo shooting. Of course I got a magnificent photo [shown above] which made me proud. you can also see Kitty photo shoot in the side bar. Click to see more. This was just too cute of a photo, that I wanted to share it with you. Had over 100 cute photos of her climbing a tree and enjoying the first day out. Some funny, humorous and of course the serious Amira at play.

I just included some interesting items that you can
 Build Your Own Easter Basket and Fill your Easter Eggs for A Treasure Hunt

How Fabulous, Its Easter and Spring is showing itself through the beauty of Gods Landscape. The Resurrection of Christ will be Celebrated for many people of all walks of life. Singing and having  beautiful festive foods to appeal to the eye. With Mourning treasures to be found from a fairy tale bunny, a great day to spend with family and see the Surprise of Children's Faces when they treasure hunt to find their eggs hidden under the sun, items of treasures usually tucked away in a plastic egg.

Use Loose items like these
Jelly Beans.
marshmallow eggs,
National Park Coins, it's also National Park Week April 19-27
Glow in the Dark Easter Eggs    see Article

Also Don't Forget to Buy those Basket Items. Some Have Already built Easter Baskets all filled to the brim with items. Then Here you will find some great Items to fill your Individual Basket with. We also made it easy to choose the item and linked them through Amazon for easier shopping. Your great online resource.
  1. Barbie Dolls  
  2. Baseball Cards
  3. Blocks
  4. Board Games
  5. Bouncy Ball
  6. Bubble Bath
  7. Bunny Ears
  8. Bunny Slippers 
  9. Camera
  10. Chalk
  11. Children's Bible
  12. Coloring books
  13. Crayons
  14. Easter Socks
  15. Finger Paints
  16. Frisbee
  17. Personal Hair Accessories
  18. Jump Rope
  19. Lego's "The Movie"
  20. Leggins
  21. Makers
  22. Movie Tickets
  23. Nail Polish "Pastels"
  24. Stationary
  25. Play dough & Crafts
  26. Pool Toys
  27. Puzzles
  28. Rubik's Cube
  29. Sand Pail with toys
  30. Silly Putty
  31. Slinky
  32. Stickers
  33. Stuffed Animals
  34. Sunglasses

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