Kittys Easter Day in the Sun

I like to show off my Kitty Amira, she is just the love of My husband and myself. We haven't been blessed with children at this time in our life. But, not all is disappointing. We got blessed with a cat that gives us great joy. Now she is just amazing, with a complimenting personality to being a ham for the camera. Maybe we just narrate her feelings, like a movie with the sound off. But, we have learned to give her freedom, Love and then of course attention, really she gets a lot of that. Greeting us every mourning from work, or her acknowledging her disappointment when we leave to work. I can't even remember those days, when she wasn't part of blessing our lives with her sunshine. Now, myself I am not interested in taking photos of self. But, Amira shares the love of photo taking as my husband love the camera. He is very photogenic and not afraid of a little attention from the camera pointing his way. In the other hand, If I didn't put the polishing on the blank canvas of my face, or put color to my cheeks, I be the first person to shy from the lens pointing my way. On a good day I perhaps will smile and say cheese. Really, can't imagine not taking photos of all things around me, to capture that perfect moment to remember. So, with all the settings just perfect, from the day being at it's most beautiful back drop. It's was time to pull out the camera a make a great day of it. Let's show off the pictures that captured my heart, that made me laugh, and inspired me to share with you, That Easter mourning of May 2014.

First off, Amira was enjoying watching the birds and couldn't wait to climb a tree to catch one of those kitty delicious delicacies that she unfortunately disappointed that she didn't catch. As you can see, she is very camouflaged by her coat almost matching the landscape of the tree.
As  her human mommy, I feared that she was going to get stuck if she would climb higher on the limbs that looked so fragile. I really had to think quick to grab the camera to remember her first climb for my moments to remember. Also how am I going to get her down. Then I grab an egg filled it with some cat treats. It became a game and an humorous moments. As she now no longer is interested in the birds flying by. Her attention gets easy distracted by this new found object of curiosity, filled with smells of tantalizing treats that she wanted to investigate. Intrigued by it's oddity, color, smells and desire to retrieve the treasure. Kept her entertain her as well as our laughter that keep us glued to her. Until we joined in the fun with pictures with her.

As an added Picture
Humorous:  Amira laying Easter Eggs.
Serious:Amira Protecting Her Easter Treasure
Funny: Dinner was Delicious
Amira enjoyed the tree right up to the sunset of the evening. Playing, staring into the sunset, until the day came to a close and of course she came down all by herself as we Said our farewells to the day, good night to the Easter day. [Below Husband and Wife ] Enjoying the Easter day with Amira.

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