Planning my blogging stradagy ~ and ugly chore

Blogging Strategy:

Keeping it all together is a task, with a full time job as well. So the first thing any blogger should do is set up a strategy. Of course, every time you visit your linky parties and post your blog you are dealing with all the comments and social media so your need to set a time limit that works best for you.

Also when gather your information, Keep a List of things you like to accomplish . I also have great categories such as articles to write with photos and article written. amongst other folders.

I like to accomplish, more than I probably can do. Organization comes in handy. This is why I wanted to set some time aside to accomplish this. I can't say I am the best writer. But, a gift I do have is organization. I love A to Z filing systems and enjoy that computers have folders to help in the organizational skills that I so love. I even used the graph a little to give each site it's own personal day. This way I can enjoy all the things I Love.
Well, if you have seen some of my other post. you would know I got a lot of sites going on and if you like to know all the links and more in depth details I got the site finally completed and what a great list of things to do and visit. Finish reading before you skip over to more about each website and me.

Planning my Week:
This is how I planned my week,  what I love about me is I can look at a picture and put it together without reading the instructions. This is why I planned my calendar to do things with some iconic icons to help me schedule daily activity. I also post this as my wallpaper on my desk top to keep me on the right track and be a good productive. Still like to leave myself time to work on the blogging, with some motivators for activity that will keep me exercising, dieting, and planning for weekly chores. You can not have a blog and neglect your personal life. Or, you will be great at one thing and a failure at others. Keep yourself in check. You still have to leave yourself some learning time as well. Computers upgrade faster than I can afford to keep up with. even my afternoon of looking for a cord to get my robo crafter up and running again. We have been in our apartment and time that it takes to get it all in order is past due. Do here's the mess I had to deal with to find my Robo Craft missing cord.

I had to do an ugly chore (untangle wires)
Now to untangle this mess, I got my tools together and plastic baggies and zip ties, and I also had to add a little box for the router set, which comes with four wires and to box units that work together. 
To untangle the best suggestion I can tell you is start with the larger wires. Much easier to get the T.V. cords out first then work until you get to the very last item. I matched up cords with the phones and combined them in the baggies. After a tidiest two hours of getting things organized. Who-hoo I found the Robo Craft cord, and got a very over due mess cleaned up. Hare's how it finally cane out.
Now the Robo Craft is up and running and I was able to get back on track to making my cards. Completing my first love of Card making is back up and running. Let, me tell you I love to organize, 
After hours of studying about glues, paper, sizes , sketches, parties. I had to make some kind of heads or tails out of it. So what better way is to share all the things I am learning.
Now, I have to show you my task  chart. I set it up Weekly and have room to edit. I got at least all my listed cards up. and now back to working on my sketches and a cards pic tutorials. Overboard Created Creations.  Also it gives me time to make them and show your what I have learn as well.  Hope you visit
Now back to planning my blogging strategy:
Now , Comments and Social media is important for a daily task if you are like myself and enjoy the linky parties (directory here) So, I charted a daily project task planner to help guide me through all my daily activities to not only spend time and learn, but also push myself to write. I couldn't write lengthy articles. So, I choose to make articles like these. Picture tutorial and next I have to find time to learn to make better YouTube  videos. I have dabbled a little, not so good yet. If you want to have a laugh. Head over and give me a comment encouragement. With my plate full, I will have to put the effort forward, using this as a article for one of my daily projects. The lovely thing about blogging. you can gather information, and only when the heart is flowing with ideas. Grab the train and go for it's scenic ride. Through your folders of ideas and grab one of your photo and run with it. See where it takes you.
 I reward myself with praise:
Just so you know. Today I feel I got so much accomplished, I Even took a dip in the pool. Crazy hot today. It was well needed after two hours of sorting wires. I did not wake up with that on my mind. But, I am so happy my Robo crafts is back to working again. I got so energized I made a easel card with some of my scented miniature flowers. That have been stored for over a year. If anything, I will give myself a pat for achieving so much today. I been struggling with my leukemia and it accompanies with fatigue and hard to get things done. With this new Calendar planned out for my projects, to help me keep focused. Then placed as wallpaper on my desk top. I am good to go now, to set this in motion for a bit of a reminder to put time limits and upkeep.
Thanks for visiting, and enjoying the wonderful things I learned and want to share with you. That's what's wonderful about comments and social media you can say you where here and your opinion about what you find interest and if you do find it interesting. Pin it. share it , or Love it. So, much you can do.

Featured Link Up ~ SUSAN B MEAD {DANCE WITH JESUS} Published Author


 Let's welcome our new Link up Directory listing


Let's welcome our new Link up Directory listing. Susan B Mead has a lovely site. With rich information on Jesus and videos that are a must see. I enjoyed the whole afternoon hooking up to her social media sites. And I can say she has some lovely stuff. She would love to have you stop by an Dance with Jesus with her on Friday link up and see all the great things she love to tell you about, Jesus and his loving forgiveness.        I also, am also crazy about butterflies because the bible says if your a new creature (meaning change) :Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new..2 Corinthians 5:17  (KJV)   
This means forgiveness.  I will suggest you head over to Susan B Mead. and learn much more about the love of Christ, and Dance With Jesus.


Let me explain how Feature Link Up works. If you go over and list your site and are picked to be featured. You will be placed at the top of the list in the group of Link Up Directory, until the next feature post outranks you and we will give your a feature post all to you own. Your listing will also be include with your Rules on link up directory, because I believe it's your link up your way. If any edits or errors in postings. I ask your forgiveness and please send me any corrections in the comments provided at our link up directory provided .

Plus, I will be spending time at your site, linking to all your social media, looking for all the wonderful things you have done.

If you have a temporary giveaway or a store , we will not discourage you from joining. Because we are here to work together and like Dance With Jesus. She has a wonderful book and published author. What a great feature to be published, and do DanceWithJesus every Friday.

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Can't wait to see who's next. !!!1

Hebrews 10:23-25, King James Version
23Let us hold fast the profession of our faith without wavering; (for he is faithful that promised;)24And let us consider one another to provoke unto love and to good works:25Not forsaking the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of some is; but exhorting one another: and so much the more, as ye see the day approaching.

Acroynms A to Z christian banners

Butterfly Fans introductions 

Butterfly fans we designed to link up to linky parties on wordless Wednesday, and make captivating photos. Which is still our intend to, and like your to drop by and see these great photos and the great photos to cone. I found that I could shot the camera, and collect about 1000 photos plus. The results would be one great photo and maybe two. I am no photo expert, yet I do know when I did get the great photo and like to spread the news of how lucky I am to have found the great shot. Still, I am a woman in Christ and have loved acronyms as long as I can remember.


[ ˈakrəˌnim ] an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word
I enjoy acronyms especially that Christians have used them to spread the word. I looked high and low for some good ones and Pinterested my results on my board. Now, I am taking a stab at making some acronym sketches and up to the B's and I have a free down load of my sketches on PDF file for your enjoyment.  Please enjoy my site Butterfly Fans  you will find other great photos and our WIP group of acronym creative images that you can share the word. Fill free to pin it , share it, and make GODS word known to the world.

I guess I felt that GOD is full of humor as well and would like you to know his word through out the world. This is just example of what acronyms sketches that are waiting for you at butterfly fans  plus when I get a captivating photo now and again this is the holding tank for all the A to Z sketches of Acronyms that I have arrived at, with added scripture that also can be shared.



The Word is alive , share the Acronyms Banners at Butterfly Fans on Facebook.


 I am so glad that God provides his love and word for free. to share and create. For he loves us so
much and he just wants us to share the word. Of his great love. Honestly, the world is changing and to reach the next generation we need to provide fresh wisdom. God does not change, yet we could ad graphic art to enhance the material God has already provided for us. So, I guess I feel like I should get busy with my list of acronyms that I have collected over the years and get to designing.

I hope you will help me to encourage others by sharing these banners of the word to others.

If, ever! you are in your worse crisis. And your first thought is GOD  that will rescue you and you cry out for GOD to help you, Then its time to get to know him.

How to become the Most Wonderful You!

Did you know even the most successful people in the world, had to do this. This is the way to your heart, mind, body and soul.  This is not only for reinforcement for positive thinking. This works for many things. Like depressions, lack of confidence, studying for exams. Its just what do you put on the post its notes that can impact your life. I jotted down some great reinforcements words that you can feel free to save or print. Photo one is for you to insert your own words, photo two is for the person that likes the deed done for you, and photo three is for you to remember to say it in the mirror. These have been successful tips and tricks that have been used over years. Its just , that you have to implement them in your life style. Use reinforcing words, and believe it their worth of the your reading. Now, get busy writing your words down and make your list that will help you on the road of success, happiness or studies that will help you get the most out of life.

Not everybody has a list of great words that can change their life. But if you form a word list, that could make a big change or impact in your life. Even, by using quotes that have been around for generations could change your life.
We want your to be all you can be, so start posting your post it notes from wall to wall until you succeed, smile or pass to the distance of where you want to be. Write them down. Follow these examples
A Successful quote
Happy words:
Now, Say some happy thoughts, words of wisdom, or just a few words into the mirror!
Even if you have to put them on post 'it notes to remind you, write, post it,  say it until you get it.
Make up your own post its that will best inspire you, or just get started with the few examples.

The first rule of thumb is

don't put off tomorrow what you can do today.



Animals , Gods greatest gift to mankind

The Love of Animals Great or Small

I just have to say my love for animals is over the top. I haven't yet raised any yet because I have always had lived in small domicile. Yet, someway somehow I find a way to be in the environment. From caring for them in my side jobs or taking trips that let me enjoy there company. so I took some photos to share with you . with some details where and how we got to enjoy the trip. IF you look real close, you can see I got kissed by the snake. His hiss touched my check and that was an exciting day for me. :)

Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

First of all , lets start with animals under the sea. I don't mean fish either. Did you know that this sea urchins are living animals under the sea. which are cover with a protective shell and a mouth on their underside for eating. There are over 950 different species of these creatures that live under the sea. This was a fascinating three dives in one day in Puerto Rico. The highlight of the dive was the third dive or our trip, when we swam in a florescent filled of glow in the dark plankton. So no need for lights, because the water provide a well lighted experience. I suggest a trip to one of the many areas that provide snorkeling or kayaking tours. Two weeks of water fun in Puerto Rico and slight humidity showers daily.

Buggy Rides in Intercourse P.A.

Spend a afternoon in intercourse Pennsylvania were you can take a leisure buggy ride around the Amish lands. Authentic drivers, museums to return with gifts for all of the family, and a wonderful dinning experience on a large dinner table where every one passes the platters filled with fixings to fill your tummy. If you like the good ole days, this is the place to experience the way it use to be and still is for many that live in the area of Lancaster Pennsylvania. I even have to mention the cat that almost became a new member of the house. She was a yellow tabby that was just so loving, If I wasn't already a proud owner of a kitten, I would be owning her. Farms are great places to find a new litter of kittens needing a home.


Feeding Trout At the Lil Le Hi Trout Hatchery

what better way to enjoy the afternoon then to help our towns local hatchery to stock the local streams for the fisherman. Lil Le Hi Trout Hatchery - Allentown, PA You wouldn't believe this is not one of Pennsylvania top attractions but, it gets a lot of buzz around here for the people that know about it. And the reason why we love it. It only cost is the food if you choose to feed the fish. This trip is for the whole family. I have been here at least twice a year, and most of the time I go up the road for a walk around the walking trail that's a round about that you will see bikers , horse back riding , fishing and the occasional bat swooping by. My last visits the birds where fending there territory of new offspring's by swooping past our heads. What a thrilling day that was. If you like the ducks, and geese in the stream your going to be thrilled by this walk, especially in the first part of spring when all the ducks are mating.

There is so much to do, and its just the beginning of the summer festivities. I lost so many great photos that  I noted some of my most favorable animal moments so I have them documented. and I had so much more to share. yet there only memories now

Overboard Creations loves change

It was time for a change and I am happy to say I found my niche. The buh buh buh buh buh which really means in translation. I had a hard day and these things are to vile, I wouldn't even want to do them. I am sure you and myself included, want to be doing other things. I choose to be wanting to be creating awesome fun for my readers. But, that dreary thing called work gets in the way of all my good deeds. Now, if you haven't seen the movie overboard, you got to see the movie. If you haven't seen the movie, I posted it here, so get a look see. Great movie released in 1987.

 So I beg you to think of change more positively. When we say “This is a game changer,” that connotes something good and positive. And yes, it’s okay to “change” your mind.– Allan Karl,
A cruel but beautiful heiress screws over a hired carpenter, who later is the first one to find her when she gets amnesia. Looking for a little revenge he convinces her that she's his wife. But, the best part is yet , they found a happier ending and had a metamorphous of values of what makes a life is truly  happy. She fell in love with four unmanageable boys, that had their own reasons to keep there new found MOM. I never had children myself in real life. Yet, my heart bleeds at the ending of the movie when he finds out she has all these millions and how could he ever giver her anything in life . Except she looks deeply in his eyes and say a little girl. My heart drops, could be the happy ending of any life's fairy tale. building their own family. You fall in love and then have children. Plus, the big added bonus, did you get it. "He understands the value price of a wife, can work off the debt owed that she owes from her shoe closet, from the beginning of the movie. Moms do have valuable worth and he gets it. "

After her length of time working off a list her husband gives her, she has a break down and the kids come home from school. Seeing her buh buh buh buh and Dad comes home and things she broke. the reality is that this work is so hard and she realizes how hard and tasking a day worth of work can be. So, after a long day worth of work. This brings me to the how it relates to the title of the Website. Its just a place to pounce some daily activity down, Blogging materials and why be a blogger. Just to get that buh buh buh off my chest and into the cloud.

My Buh buh buh buh buh buh days

This is also a thought  Why?

     to get my juices flowing and start being a writer. I know that my thoughts would get so ahead of myself and I wanted to jot down some memories before life forgets me and I forget it. I guess that I don't really want to forget you, the reader as well as being forgotten. In the process I like to make life a little memorable before I leave it. So, I guess I am back to make a few more parking words to the readers that don't even know I exist. Don't forget that every one on here has a lot to say, some good, some bad. but yet a voice that needs to be heard. so here I am back in the shadows of words on a black and white background. Jotting down my thoughts again to be heard. thinking about forget me knots and you


Labeling your greeting cards

A to Z

I hope that this helps you along your crafting cards needs, making greeting cards can be for all occasions. But, there is some specific kinds of cards that have so many different sizes or working parts even the needs of products to make them. But, the A to Z cards  help you label your cards. Now, there is a monument card that's not listed, because I ran across this card the other day. Its really a free stand sign, with intro quote or lettering that is specific to an occasion. Yet, I really like to consider this in the listing of cards. If you are a card crafter, you will see the listing are quite an excellent outline of cards, WIP of sketches and cards to complete the collection.

Then after this collection is done, we will work on techniques. I have been collecting cool techniques to use on cards for a couple of years. This I am sure will be a treat as this also is WIP group that will be include at a latter date.  Feel free to follow this board or some other great card boards I have in my collection.


Go to A to Z cards