Labeling your greeting cards

A to Z

I hope that this helps you along your crafting cards needs, making greeting cards can be for all occasions. But, there is some specific kinds of cards that have so many different sizes or working parts even the needs of products to make them. But, the A to Z cards  help you label your cards. Now, there is a monument card that's not listed, because I ran across this card the other day. Its really a free stand sign, with intro quote or lettering that is specific to an occasion. Yet, I really like to consider this in the listing of cards. If you are a card crafter, you will see the listing are quite an excellent outline of cards, WIP of sketches and cards to complete the collection.

Then after this collection is done, we will work on techniques. I have been collecting cool techniques to use on cards for a couple of years. This I am sure will be a treat as this also is WIP group that will be include at a latter date.  Feel free to follow this board or some other great card boards I have in my collection.
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