10 top things to do with Rocks

This is the most newly unique garden treasure found resently 
I couldn't wait to show this beautiful art work. I was browsing Facebook, and this caught my eye from my friend site. She had this remarkable photo of her rock filled with petunia's. A friend brother was so precious enough to drill a whole in the rock and then he give to her this thoughtful gift. This beauty was found in a fiends back yard.  If you look closely enough you can see that the pot of petunias are sitting in the rock. This was a rock that was used by a drilling process. If you like to make one of your own. Research how to drill or leave it to the professionals. These Images that follow are from Google search images.

   1. Painted Rocks

a wonderful way to decorate indoors or out. My favorite outdoor display is using it for garden labeling. Painting them you can even use stamps or be yourself and design them.  
2. Carved Rocks
Fabulous way to display the family crest or Monogram on a large rock to feature the entrance of your home. If you not lucky enough to be creative you can get a professional to carve rock art for you. You can carve into rocks of all sizes
3. Landscaping Rocks
Rocks come in all sizes and color to compliment your home. Stack them, pack them use them for d├ęcor. Such a beautiful form of creative resources. I love the multi-facets they provide. There are many professionals out there that do landscaping design. Yet this is also a wonderful DIY project as well. Get creative, there is many online design out there to get you creative juices flowing.
4. Jewelry Rocks
Rocks are as called stones used in jewelry art. Using some basic rocks in jewelry is just as stunning as a polished stone the have brilliant colors as you can see above the little drilled hole and link into a bracket or necklace are just as stunning creations.
5. Drilling Rocks
Drilling rocks are not just for precious stones this art been around for years. Making statues, freeways or breaking the rocks into stones. Of course precious rocks are also called stone are great for the jewelry form of smaller crafting rocks. But, you need a drill to make that fine hole to string them into art. there are many finer smaller drills are it available out there to accomplish this task.
6. Polishing Rocks
Polishing rocks make beautiful rocks that are also called stones. Into smooth surfaces and also bring out the luster of the rick. Smaller home machines are available for home use. Motorize machine that just tumbles the rocks around and around until it produces the results that make you happy. All machinery comes with operating instructions, so don't feel intimidated for this is a very easy project for all ages. Science projects for kids and great for Parent and child involvement.  
7. Stacking rocks
Stacking rocks can be a very creative way to express your way of balancing your life. or make a wall to separate you self.  Stacking rocks can be a very constructive way to make a side walk, bridges or even a wall. stacking with round or square rocks it's your choice. I like to show you can be creative stacking.
9. Therapy Rocks

This is just a wonderful career you can make playing with rocks as adult. Or you can go to a spa and have a Therapy rock treatment.  If fun either way. I don't know anyone that wouldn't like to be spoiled. the only problem with this is the price. can you think that playing with rocks could be so expensive

   10. Pet Rocks
Fun for the whole family, use as rain days fun in the house or an outdoor sport. give them names with eyes. or make an insect. as you can see there is all kinds of fun ways to make a pet rock.
All these photos can be Google and go to sites, just put the topic in the search bar and you will be brought to these photos. then you can find the resource page and learn more about the subjects.
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