Impact a Child Life

Impact a child life today.
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Gods says give unto others and it will also be given unto you.

Quick Start Turn Key Opportunity Portland Maine , Atlantic City NJ , Virginia

Some great places to get a Quick start on a turnkey business opportunity.

Portland, ME:   Quick start featuring RD Stephen Napolitan


November 12, 2014 @ 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm


Weekly on Wednesday until November 19, 2014


Success Center
449 Forest Avenue
Portland, ME 04101

Bring Family members, friends and anyone over the age of 18. Can attend

Just tell them I referred you. Dawn Castrova
And my email:
leave Name and Ph# and Event I will Reserve a seat
My Business # 03007606


Atlantic City, NJ: Bi-Weekly Event Quick start featuring RVP Arturo Tajanlangit & RD Lou Monacello  


November 12, 2014 @ 7:15 pm – 8:45 pm


Holiday Inn Express
655 White Horse Pike
Absecon, NJ 08201

Bring Family members, friends and anyone over the age of 18. Can attend

Just tell them I referred you. Dawn Castrova
And my email:
leave Name and Ph# and Event I will Reserve a seat
My Business # 03007606
America Community Network 

Northern VA: BOM featuring RDs Michael & Jeff Dovberg

November 13, 2014 @ 8:00 pm
Weekly on Thursday until November 20, 2014       
HIlton Hotel
6550 Loisdale Road
Springfield, VA 22150
Bring Family members, friends and anyone over the age of 18. Can attend

Just tell them I referred you. Dawn Castrova
And my email:
leave Name and Ph# and Event I will Reserve a seat
My Business # 03007606 

contact Me for any updates of other locations in your area

Deregulated Essestional services Designed to help our own families in U.S.A

Deregulation service open opportunities
for you to choose your providers

Every time someone becomes a customer of an core service and pays their bill each month,   Their is a donation to the Will Play for Food Foundation that covers the cost of providing a balanced, nutritious meal to a child who might not otherwise have a meal that day. The cost of those meals varies by state and seasonality of food.
We also have other essential services available.
with big names brands

The senseless reality of Human Hunger ~ Now i feed Children in the USA

This is the most import part of our business is word of mouth and feeding children.

and we do this by your help.

Youtube Videos play a big part in  
the explanation of our cause.
  essential services are servie that we tap into to share
the wealth to feeding children,
These wonderful companies have offered there services
to help the hungry. by building in a portion of there proceeds
to feed hungry children and will play for food foundation works
closely with feeding hungry program. teaching and feeding
the communities all around the USA.
What and Who is ACN
ACN Joined Forces with * will play for food Foundation

Do yourself a favor and help yourself by helping others.
 and get involved with this company.

Gods says give unto others and it will also be given unto you.


this is your chance to help by being part of our business by being a
Impact a child life today.
 contact the person if you need any help with filling out the form.
use this email when filling out form as well as contacting 

my testimony for ACN

My testimony starts back in the 80's into the 90’s. I worked for a Greek Pizzeria in the mountains of Killington, VT. I also did work at another pizza establishment as a Waitress. Then, I even made my dreams come true, with my goals, achievements and much more .This was my top of my world achievements of owning my own business.

THEN, I needed to start over again. And this time.
My goal is to help others. click the

to watch the video

I Promised myself after releasing my ownership to a previous business, I would never have a Business that didn't have God first. Goodness it has been a long process of eliminations to find this Godly based Business. But, I want to share it with you. Tell the world about it. First, they are eager, to share in the epidemic of Hunger in our own Country. And as part of being a member of this organization. You will be part of this giving as well. For every one that signs up to this service, will aid in feeding a child, as this is an epidemic in USA. We need more involvement to change this.

 This organization leaded me into a great start of being my own leadership building, Now I am a Independent Business owner again. This paired me with others that had the same vision , mission and desire to be there own independent owner as well.

This didn't end here. It became a new beginning for me. They took pride in helping me as an individual to grow and prepare me with lesson one on ones teachings, and many other accessible resources. Just yours for the asking.

With this knowledge, hope that you will do yourself a Favor and Help yourself by trying out your own independent business today. by reading more.........

 Did you know that Will Play for Food Foundation helps feed a child every time some one signs up to pay there utilities. 

Ready to get fit Project 10 Challenge ~ Starting the Challenge

There is a challenge going on all over the Facebook about challenging the ice bucket effect.

Well, my challenge is much more about getting fit. I make my smoothie and enjoy a drink to get fit. by Project 10 Challenge

PROJECT 10 Challenge! In a few months he has noticed improvements in his weight & energy levels that help me prepare for fight. But victory hasn’t come easy.
"Once you accept a Challenge, you follow through until you achieve your goal.”

a Mind set is one of the most important keys and set those goalsThis will be added after, I have completed my two months of quit smoking.

  • My First Goal Completed was I quite Smoking on June 17th 2014
This was a choice to quit. This is a decision that I made, which each individual has to make there own choice to set there goals. I manage to do this with a couple of days on a patch just to jump start this. But, then I didn't want to still have to kick the nicotine habit, I then just stuck to not smoking after I was able to quit the hand to mouth habit. I just stayed very very busy. Two months later I have still been smoke free. So now it's time to step up the game.
  • My Second goal is to do Project 10 Challenge, order a protein shake kit.  August `18th 2014
Because my Doctor has informed my that I have to increase my protein and fiber intake. I just wasn't making the cut so I decided to add the vitamins by a protein shake and when you quite smoking it's also hard to not start eating more. So, I am nipping this in the butt. Before this is also out of control. So my challenge is to lose ten pounds. and fit into a dress.

Today is Aug 24, 2014 and the Shake Kit came in the mail today. so tomorrow mourning for breakfast is the starting date for this weight loss challenge.  Will be posting our efforts on the project 10 diet after we loss the first 10 pounds.  Video is our weighing in documentation. Hi I am Dawn video taping my Project 10 Challenge weight loss.

Video weighing in for the Project Ten diet. after I am still two months clean from cigarettes. Now, it's time to loose the weight that I gained from not smoking before it gets out of control. Weight in at 155.8  start my first shake Aug 25 Am for Breakfast.

Get the Facts before any trip ~ Brookly/Manhattan Weekend trip

 Weekend trip to Manhattan/Brooklyn New York ~

Bon Voyage to my Husband for a visit to Morocco his hometown

Well,, a lot has gone on since the last time we spoke. First, my husband is on a 3 month trip to see friends and family in his own home town of Morocco. Which gave us a chance to spend the weekend in Manhattan / Brooklyn NY. " chaos "
Setting Out for a trip to the Morocco
This Was a wonderful weekend before I have to say goodbye for a long duration apart since our Marriage. We havn't been without each other side by side in four years.  I like to share a few things about this crazy trip we had on a weekend just to make the drop off  to the airport to say our farewell for a few months from each other.
 Well, First don't forget to make reservations. I went and started out with my trip reservation with a company named of course I thought this was a excellant plan. Booked the weekend night stay with great price. Hotel reservations was at the Comfort Inn Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.Photo insert further below. Confirmed that this was easy access to be involved to go to the Statue of Liberty. Oh, how we have been waiting to spend a day at the statue. Just to clue you in, this did not happen.

Get the Facts ~Make your reservations.

You might just only get to be at the foot of the statue.
get your Facts and reservations before you set
out on your to see the Satue of Liberty.
Book Your Reservations.
It's very important to know that you must make reservations to the statue of liberty for the chance to go inside the building or you will be waiting at the her feet for hours. This is almost a number one spot for vacationers, schools to showcase our history and heritate from all walks of life. So the streets are busy with tourism booming all around. Even the 911 water fountains bringing in friends/ faimily all year round, needs a ten day in advance reservations to just see the wall. Well, I thought making the reservations online and request that this would be available for us. We where informed that the shuttle was every thirty minutes to the ferry. Awesome all excited but, no one told us to make reservations at the statue as well. I just assumed this was all part of the ferry. Nope, not the case. well disappointed on this part of the trip. But, easily corrected now for our next trip. Book reservations and ask more questions. But, the trip still had it's highlights.

Get the Facts ~ Parking

Now we had to hang in the Manhatten side of New York to take care of our buisness before our weekend started. But, a must do on our list to stop to the Moroccain embassy to handle our business affairs. This is very Important fact to mention the parking.They will kill you with unexpected charges for parking previlliages. Even the Native new yorkers are killed with this same injustice of prices. You can park for one hour to even three hours and they will charge you a full day parking fee. So, these are just some of the thngs to be ware of on your trip. If you try to rebuttle this. They pretent to not understand english or just down right ignore you. So, the truth is they just plain scam you in the open. Now, we made it through our night mare of driving through the traffic after two hours to bridge from Manhatten side to the Bookly side that our day was almost shot.


Get the Facts ~ amenities

Comfort Inn Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

One of the beauties of this trip was that the Hotel was quite nice. Supprising after the entrance in, I thought I made another boo boo. The road to the hotel was a little bit like driving into an industral business area. Asuming that even the trip from the Manhatten side to get to the Brooklyn side was a feet in itself. Long roads of traffic. This is a very hopping hotel and filled with many exciting people from all around the world.  Just so you know there is a shuttle service to the terminal but, this is an extra fee. then you have to pay ferry fees. and don't forget to make your reservations to the Statue of Liberty. or any of the Manhattan feature sites. Make sure you book you visit.

Get the FActs ~ Food

 Excellent delivery food service and pricing from a local pizzeria. Call 718-624-0690 MARK'S pizza restorante. In which the dinner was resonable local prices and serving size. We will give 2 thumbs up for portion size, taste on the Veal Parm dinner, & Grill Chicken Dinner. plus the add on of Garlic Bread.
Breakfast in which the hotel provided which is onlyA full contiental breakfast included. Don't let them fool you when they say a full american breakfast. It's really just a contiental breakfast with a waffle machine. And those waffles are delicious. and worth making part of your breakfast.
Lunch was the best part of our trip. on the corner block a local small cafe with wonderful atmosphere, cleanliness, and the must have coffee for living in the upstate area's. We even had the pleasure to meet the owner of this beautiful establishment during our visit. Nothing like enjoying a cup of coffee and panni in new york . Plus, I am a native upstate new yorker and this made me feel so at home.
Get the Facts ~ Night life Entertainment.


 I listed some of the Broadway theaters that I found flyers on my trip. These are must, on your list to do while in New York. But, you need to make reservations so here is a list and Numbers so you can find out the Smash hit musicals or Broad way plays that are showing at the time of your visit. Of course, these are revolving shows and calling to find out what is their feature for the evening.

Box office 235 W 44th St

225 w. 44th St

205 West 46th St

208 West 41st St
call ticketmaster 866-870-2717

Broadway and 42nd St
call ticket master 866-870-2717

Of course, each trip is unique. But, the most important thing for every vacations of your dreams. Make sure that you learn the area. Get all the information and reservations before heading out. Then have fun, and enjoy the trip without being disappointed. 

Oh Dear ~ Abducted

Who Knows what people are thinking. These days you have to put up with a lot of bad news. Watching television shares the good with the bad. But, mostly these days it seems to always inform us of tragedy's. And I am here to tell you another tragedy story that hits close to home. You can also go to Facebook Praying for Holly Grim and read more on this story that has befallen a family in the New Tripoli Pennsylvania area.  As far as my knowledge, this is the latest up to date event to raise money to help in expensive for the son that has no income, while this investigation is going on. Event of a Vendor Bingo to benefit this family will be held on Sunday July 27 2014 in Lynnport Fire company 7164 Behler road  new Tripoli PA 18066 Tickets will be available  when doors open at 12:00 pm. or advance tickets call 484-547-1359 or 484-725-5066 call referring the on sale tickets or donation will be taken. For the Family of Holly Grim that has been Missing since 11/22/13.

A read from a posting on Facebook about Holly Grim,

 Sharing her tragedy and if anyone has seen her or heard anything about her whereabouts call:

Crime Stoppers at 1-800-426-TIPS or 911 

Please Share #Missing HOLLY ANN GRIM, age 42 (DOB: 02/19/1972), was last seen in the driveway of her home at Red Maples Mobile Home Park in the 1100 block of Grange Road at 6:34 AM after dropping off her son at the school bus stop on November 22, 2013 in Lower Macungie Township, Pennsylvania (Lehigh County). She failed to report for work that morning at Allen Organ Co. in Macungie and no one has seen or heard from her since. Her family believes she was abducted.

Her mother said she found Holly's glasses, her keys, her cigarettes and an overturned cup of coffee in her home, and Holly's car was sitting out front.

Holly is 5’3” tall, weighs 100 pounds, with shoulder-length hair, brown eyes and a tattoo of rose on right breast. She may be wearing a pink winter jacket, blue jeans, black tennis shoes and a silver bracelet.

If you have any information please call the Pennsylvania State Police at (610) 395-1438 or Lehigh Valley Crime Stoppers at 1-800-426-TIPS or 911. All callers can remain anonymous and could be eligible for a cash reward of up to $2,000.

To assist with Amber Alerts and missing person cases through flyer and picture sharing on Facebook please “Like” on Facebook at:  and follow on Twitter at:

SOURCE(s) and full story at: Mourning Call  

Theresa Richardson's Slidely by Slidely Slideshow

Designer Butterfly Cake ~ 9" Round

A while back I decided to make a Butterfly cake and I now have the photo's to share with you. In April I had a neighbors Birthday and In May I had to whip another cake for two for my husband Birthday. The first cake was a little more colorful for my neighbor, made with brilliant food colors of yellow, pink and blue food coloring. But, this was a more macho approach for the Man in the house. Of, course the first cake, was design in a photo format. For the design purpose to show how to cut the section to design the cake. Which you can check out the design pattern to create your own HERE. As you can see here there is not much to this design, but it has a beautiful impact to the eye. Creativity don't have to be difficult. Just pleasing to the human comfort to be pleased. So this Birthday cake was delicious as well as easy as 1,2,3,4,5 which is about how many cuts it takes to create this design. I also added the antenna which I made out of foil for my husband, You can also use your imagination to create one out of many other materials and tulle, colored plastic wrap, or even using candies or licorices. I myself, will now use the foil and even perhaps frost the foil with color as I did for the first cake I produced for my neighbor. Except don't try to eat it. Ha Ha. Just use a square sheet of foil and cut half way down the middle of the sheet of 15 by 15 size piece of aluminum foil. Then it is necessary to roll the to side towards the slit.and then curl the antenna as you can see by the photo. This makes the best antenna I have found so far. NOW, Lets frost the cake. If you let the cake air dry the ends will become a little dryer and easier to frost. But, if left to long the cake will dry and be hard and not pleasing to the palette. because of the small portion of cake that is being made. You have to have a watchful eye not to dry the cake to long.
My husband cake was only frosted on the top and sprinkled with a few jimmies. Just to rush the cake process through. Because, I really had a busy day and trying to keep up with a full time job and my love to tell you guys all about it. Takes up a big portion of my day. The truth is, I really like to spend more time reading, writing, and studying then my is Job. And of course my Handsome husband Of mine does most of the cooking. But, when it comes to sweets look out. I'm in the kitchen whipping up smoothies, cake, cookies or even the occasional fruit bowl. And as you can see it don't take long to devour this cake. Enjoy

by the Author of Overboard creations

I Got Mail ~ Swap-bot

Sending and being sent items in the mails is just awesome and a fun way to create and send your items. With many crafted creative swap selections to choose from. You can join in the swapping fun. I have the pleasure to share with you My first swap. I had joined my first group, just recently and if you like to read more... here is the other featured article on Swap-bot. Plus, having the pleasure of creating my own swap robot ladies to also share in my adventure of these article, I will be enjoying to write. I wanted something to identify my swapping lady friends. So, i hope you will also enjoy my clip art creations.

Here we go, I Got Mail.

 Like always, with everything you join you got to read the directions. I got this letter in the mail and it looked like a birthday card. Well, I know it's a little early for my birthday. Opened the card, it's my swap partner. Oop's I didn't know how to play. After going back into the swap-bot site. Ohhh there it is. In the upper right corner click here to find your partner name. I got it now. and out went my card. So let's review the items that got sent and received.

Gifted treasure from my Swap Partner

Also, part of this gifted package of her Artistic creation. Is a favorite classic Author saying.......

Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. by Louisa may Alcott

Then, recently did a Seven Day simplycaptivatingphotochallenge~ color  In which I used the Butterflies and coloring page's to post to the challenge. Here's the card from those butterflies that i made for the challenge and how I colored and displayed them.
I first had to do some coloring of each butterfly....... with gel pens, and hopefully you can see the high sheen from the metallic gel pen set i used. I also have a few glitter gel pens that always come in useful, to give some luster to there wings.
Now, I also choose to outline the photos after using the gel pens . Included is a photo outlined first. But, after coloring one before and after the gel pen was applied. I opt to outline after coloring in my butterfly coloring page photos.
As you can see, I printed out my coloring pages, six for each panel I created, and two for the  larger photo. about 1/4 inch larger and layer two back to back. Curling the back layer away from me and curling the top photo towards me. to give more to the impression of flutter wings. Then glued the two layers together and then applied the Butterfly over the ribbon. then one of the panel butterflies, I also double layered the butterfly. With only curling the top layer on the six panel to give depth.
My Coloring book Page Butterflies
I hope you enjoyed the Swap-bot treasure that was sent in the mail. and received in the mail.

Don't forget to add a sentiment .....My love for Butterflies was the insert which I will make sure next time not to forget to save the saying before sending........

Hope, you enjoyed come visit again.

by the Author of Overboard Creations

Featured Father Day "to be a Hero" ~ Cartoonist Joe Mondin

A Hero is defined by goggle dictionary as a person, typically a man,

who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Who's to be your Hero?

My Feature Hero is My Husband
created Photo print gift for my Husbands Birthday

Your the Hero in my Eyes "Happy Birthday and Father day"

My life has been enriched every since this photo was presented to my husband, and his love to post it all over the Facebook network. Now after this prize piece is in my household, that has been place on our mantle.

By The talent of Comic Book art creator of Black Ice, Joe Mondin and a father of two Abigail Rose and Lucas.Which, I had recently had the pleasure of meeting this very talented,and published comic book artistry creator. On the above is a photo that was produced by his talented creative ability, for a gift to my Husband for his latest birthday in May, which was very overjoyed to have a part in this cartooning feature of his past love of Soccer. Of course, I asked the artist to include that all my eyes where on my man.

The Hero of there eyes
First, Lets introduce him and his children Abigail Rose and Lucas. the driving force that keeps him lavished in affections, and support to keep him pursuing his dreams.
This Creative Artistry Creator has his own style that he also makes time for. Which gravitate to adult R artistry which he holds the bragging wrights to Black Ice which is an independent comic book of his own and other Photo features on a past interview with aggressive comix to read more on this up and growing talented already published author at goto sites below
Featured Article: >
Personal Website/s: > -

I also had the privilege to do a little sight seeing over to his site which you might also get to see this beautiful artistic/cartoonist artwork that was gifted to my husband on display as well. Thank You Joe for the exposure.

It is really nice that we can share in the showing off other who inspire us, write about and inspire others to stop by, or buy a little piece of our selves and share in the fun as well.

Don't forget to comment on his site or browse his inventory of goodies. Or ask for a little self cartooning of your own. I am sure that he will have a spark of advice to help you create a one of a kind art work piece for you.

Happy Father's Day
The Modern Day Captain America and Family

Who's your Hero? or Captain America?

Honor our Father and Mother ~ Mothers Day ~ Memorial Day ~Father's Day

After the Celebration of Mothers Day we follow celebrating Memorial Day the group of those who set out to fight for our Freedom, Then Father's Day our other half of the cycle of life.

 These celebration is to Honor of the Fifth Commandment.

The Ten Commandments 
1. I am the Lord your God who brought you out of slavery in Egypt.
2. You shall have no other gods but me.
3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.
4. You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy.
5. Honor your father and mother.
6. You shall not murder.
7. You shall not commit adultery.
8. You shall not steal.
9. You shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
10. You shall not covet. 

After the Mother day celebration, in May 11, 2014 in which is filled with flowers, and the beginning of spring, bearing the fresh newness of life. From our mothers womb we became who we are. We dedicated our love for all they do to prepare us for the life ahead. a free downloadable card for you to celebrate this wonderful day dedicated especially for MOMS. read more......

And the dedicated to Both Men and Woman who served in our Armed force which is Celebrated on Memorial Day, May 26, 2014 is the time to recognize them for there dedication. Inspire them with gratitude for there Service for there Country, There sacrifices away from there family, and persistence to bring peace across the world. 

Now we Honor our father's in Father's Day, which we are preparing to get ready to celebrate on June 15, 2014

Amazing fathers all over the globe, it is time to celebrate and tell them how special they are. There is many ways to achieve this.

I like, that I have this opportunity to guide you to a site that can help, These helping hand to this special occasion. Treat by shutterfly has launched there Fathers Day Gifts, All occasion greeting Cards, and even Gift Cards in getting ready for Father's Day. This site also will aid you any many occasions to celebrate through out the year. such as the previous mention celebrations that are posted here.

It's time to be get prepared and send that special Father, This incredible gift. or perhaps a card that you can find a little introductions to some of these great gift idea's available for you at Treat .

Best thing ever, Children don't lie
 You can always see the truth about yourself through the eyes of a child.


  The recycled paper bead making paper beads making easy peasy
Looky! Looky! what is new and made a big difference in producing the paper bead. A look into the process of how I make a beautiful bead with ease.

First, the the item doesn't come with the bottle to store the paper beads.Instead with a hand held handle But, don't be discourage with a liter coke bottle is the perfect size container for the attachment to settle it's housing on. Works beautiful, just make sure to wash and fully dry the bottle before loading it with paper beads. I actually let mine dry for several days before producing my first bead. Then assemble the two pieces and all that is left is to start making paper beads.

Very Minimum Amount of Assembly
Hand held to Cap or
Opt for the soda bottle assembly

The box comes with the starter cut paper size strips. 
  Left side is the Paper product in the Package
Right side is the Paper I photo copy to cut  
I like to keep the Originals to make copies

This Process has been used for years.
Recycling Magazine project. We suggest 
Using magazine pages with full color coverage 
will make a complete stylish group of beads.

Below we included the Measurements, that will
be useful if you use the magazine process with out tool.
Very necessary to have a good measurable pattern. 
Below the measurement that you will cut your strips for a proper 4M bead size.
Below are my beads ready for winding

Insert the widest end of your bead when using the Triangle
Insert the smallest side of strip when using the Rectangle 
this will ensure a smooth bead.

Leave a little tail on the bead to apply a dab of glue
and then your bead is formed

This one Triangle and one Rectangle bead 
Ready to be put on a strand of string
Optional: add a touch of Diamond Glaze to add luster 
and protection to the paper bead "Let Dry"

You can Purchase the product right through our site below

 by Author of Overboard Creations


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