Designer Butterfly Cake ~ 9" Round

A while back I decided to make a Butterfly cake and I now have the photo's to share with you. In April I had a neighbors Birthday and In May I had to whip another cake for two for my husband Birthday. The first cake was a little more colorful for my neighbor, made with brilliant food colors of yellow, pink and blue food coloring. But, this was a more macho approach for the Man in the house. Of, course the first cake, was design in a photo format. For the design purpose to show how to cut the section to design the cake. Which you can check out the design pattern to create your own HERE. As you can see here there is not much to this design, but it has a beautiful impact to the eye. Creativity don't have to be difficult. Just pleasing to the human comfort to be pleased. So this Birthday cake was delicious as well as easy as 1,2,3,4,5 which is about how many cuts it takes to create this design. I also added the antenna which I made out of foil for my husband, You can also use your imagination to create one out of many other materials and tulle, colored plastic wrap, or even using candies or licorices. I myself, will now use the foil and even perhaps frost the foil with color as I did for the first cake I produced for my neighbor. Except don't try to eat it. Ha Ha. Just use a square sheet of foil and cut half way down the middle of the sheet of 15 by 15 size piece of aluminum foil. Then it is necessary to roll the to side towards the slit.and then curl the antenna as you can see by the photo. This makes the best antenna I have found so far. NOW, Lets frost the cake. If you let the cake air dry the ends will become a little dryer and easier to frost. But, if left to long the cake will dry and be hard and not pleasing to the palette. because of the small portion of cake that is being made. You have to have a watchful eye not to dry the cake to long.
My husband cake was only frosted on the top and sprinkled with a few jimmies. Just to rush the cake process through. Because, I really had a busy day and trying to keep up with a full time job and my love to tell you guys all about it. Takes up a big portion of my day. The truth is, I really like to spend more time reading, writing, and studying then my is Job. And of course my Handsome husband Of mine does most of the cooking. But, when it comes to sweets look out. I'm in the kitchen whipping up smoothies, cake, cookies or even the occasional fruit bowl. And as you can see it don't take long to devour this cake. Enjoy

by the Author of Overboard creations

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