Butterfly Cake easy as 1,2,3,4,5

Spring is in the air, and all new things come to mind. I think about celebrations, flowers and of course Butterflies. So for spring I worked out a beautiful template for a cake from one round pan. It's only me and my husband and no need to make an abundant of cake. So here is my design for the cake. Yum Yum. Also the party table a few accessories.

Now making a butterfly cake is easy as 1 2 3 4 5 and additional options.
Decided to make my own photo design, hopefully this will come in useful. Feel free to save as image for your recipe card  for later. also include a butterfly cake pan you can purchase by clicking the Icon of the butterfly cake pan. 

Really love butterflies and I decided that spring is here. So I going to make a beautiful design on my butterfly wings and perhaps have this article already and the cake has not been made yet. All good intentions to do so. This cake is one '9 inch round pan serve two people quite nicely. Could say this is achievable task for a spring fling for two. To serve people make additional round cake mixes to serve more would make a nice group of butterflies by connecting them. So I would create multiple colorful butterflies, decorating them in array of yellows, white, blues, pinks, and yes the lavenders caught my eye.
I got a wonderful serving size chart " I don't know if it's authorized to post it. so I will just let you scope it out on my Pinterest Board, if you like to stop over on my Pinterest.board, Click Here .

If you are like some and don't want to create the cake from the round pan. There are beautiful options out there. that you can purchase. I posted this butterfly pan that you can click the icon and purchase it through Amazon. I really favored the wing decorations for designing the cake. perhaps i might even follow the design to create my cake with this.

gorgeous butterfly cake in mind.  Unless you are like myself and sometime the cut area of the cake itself can be a little tricky.So please follow the
Tip is let it air dry before frosting. Fresh cake crumbles and it's hard to frost a fresh or hot cake out of the over. So the air will harden the fresh area of the cake cooling. This is when you should frost your cake. above.  Of course I am always impatient for cake, so i might have the cake crumb dirt in mine. This Pan serves one two layer cake mix and sized at 11 by 8-1/2 by 2 inches deep. Be able to get at least 16 nice cut pieces for a lovely party. Without the cake crumb issues. I have to have some more items for my spring day.

Now also I Love all things Butterfly so much, so i am going to do some browsing for something to celebrate spring I want to share some of my wonderful finds  How about some Cupcakes topped with butterflies and perhaps wrapped them in some pretty pink cupcake wrappers,

Also got a wonderful thought on a pretty bowl and fill them with some gorgeous edible butterflies. I know that they are on a wedding cake. Believe me there is always a way to re purpose all things.  If there edible why not decorate a festive table for spring and fill a bowl for such a beautiful occasion. I have eaten edible flowers on my salad and they are quite delicious. Also found the perfect bowl to serve the edible flowers in. Now all that's left is some good whether. I love to get this gathering together on a nice day, outdoors because butterflies don't live indoors. And I got a desire for Tomato sandwich's already.
  • click on the photos you too can get them thru Amazon.
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Types of Cards

If you are like myself and tried to Google types of cards the search is not as specific  as I would of liked it to be. Trying different combination of key words and still the results was not answering my question. So I went on a quest to find the information for myself. So I wanted to share with you my results. I will discussing the type of cards, plus structuring card. Tutorials will be linked as we build them with supplies and measurements and many details that will help you make your own. Our ultimate goal is to bring some insight to the question "types of Cards".  My search brought me a generous amount of information on techniques and embellishments that  will be including in our tutorials.  But, not our main focus. Many techniques might not be featured in our tutorials , so feel free to explore, create and grow with you craft of making cards.

This will be a structured outline to bring things into perspective to how the cards have evolved into what we see today.

Now, first a little knowledge on the greeting card. This art has been around for a very long time. The History behind these extraordinary craft started as far back to the Chinese exchanging message for a New Year Celebrating to writing on scrolls from the Egyptians and of course a handmade Valentine that is found in a museum. The most popular adapted all around the world is Christmas cards that are dated back to the 1800's. Now we are not here for a history lesson. But, I do want to bring value to the world of card-making and the modern day extraordinary people that have evolved the card making designs that we will show is our outline and illustrations.

This could be a little lengthy to some and informative to others which in either case. I hope you can get some valuable information to start crafting many types of cards for yourself. Best of all create your own.

 We will be cross over-ring the two designs 
to complete cataloging and Indexing.
card-making easy

  • Types of Cards Index "Photo grouping of each card design" By following the illustrations and Index you will be able to see the Many types of cards and techniques of cards.  

  • Type of cards: Catalog A to Z Cards and their sub-existing counter parts. By following the sub categorizes projects and identifying correct verbiage to simplify the cross overs between two designs. and Naming your projects.

    If you start to know me. I really like details to explanations.
Now, all types of Cards have these four Basic idea's
Front to bring attention to the card and it's Theme
Back if you commercially sell it would have a trademark, made by, or creator signature etc...
Message some message are part of the Front theme, Giving symmetry to the inside of the message. Some cards are made blank inside for the giver to write personal sentiments. But, all cards given have sentiments or quotes for this is the reason of greeting cards.
Opening can be from bottom to top,right to left, left to right, or top to bottom, there is always an opening. There is some interest to cards that have two openings. For example the card on card design or the Secret Panel Card has two openings. Designers across the globe are always trying to push the envelope to create new and unique cards that do more, move more or just are unique in design.

But, Creativity has evolved the card industry to moveable, digital, a creative embellishment. Go ahead and take a peek of the incredible meritorious named designs that woman have been working on for centuries.

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Kitty Photo Shoot

Silly but, my Kitty Amira love's attention and a lot of it. Her loving ways are just so cute. Every day she even comes up with new ways to get our attention and keeps us smitten on her. Really can't capture enough of her silly struts, playful stunts and those moments to capture for all times. But, decide to have a photo shoot to see how she take to it. She's a natural.
She's not intimidated by the camera, if anything she got playful and seemed as if she wanted all the attention on her.Of course like any pet owner. We seem to put words in there mouth or even make suggestive like words (what they are thinking) But, pets do have there own way of talking to us. Amira wants our attention she will even take a little nibble and walk towards the direction she wants us to follow. We comply and 9 out of 10 times it's usually the answer she's looking for. She no stranger to the getting her own way.
She took over owner ship of my chair, near by shelving of her choosing and our hearts. She was rescued by some neighbors a year ago from being abandon in a construction site. The real kicker is that before our little Amira came to live with us, I had a very vivid dream of a tiger that rescued me. When that adorable kitty was brought around to find her new home. I had love at first site. And new that God made Amira just for us. Now her first given name was Namira meaning Little Tiger and Then she became Amira meaning Little Princess. She has become the Princess of our household. Even my husband has told me that she loves that, Amira is always in our mist all the time. Amira is not striving for anything but our love in return and she has us wrapped around her paw.

Kitty Needs
you to take care of her by Kitten or Adult cat supplies such as:
Cat Food: Amira love this Friskies Dry Seafood Sensations Cat Food Bag and still eats this even if she gets table scraps. This to me is awesome because I never seen a cats eat there food after they have tasted human food. But, Amira does.
Treats: Now Amira has to have a treat. Believe this or not but she loves vanilla pudding and cry when she know that it's time to have a little treat, or if I open the refrigerator.
Toys: Well I have to say there is two of her favorite toys. Hartz Bizzy Balls Cat Toys made for cats are very important in keeping them Entertained. And second she loves Kong laser light cat toy now that we made the our fun with our cat. Make sure you keep a good place for her toys. So when she is done with them you can put them in her toy box. And she will always know where they are. When she wants to play she will go get her toy. Really does work. 

Now, the worst part of the kitty supplies is deciding where she will go, to her business. Cat boxes can be tricky. If she still a kitten she can't reach to high so a low vamp would be appropriate. My favorite is the one's with covers. These to me are the best. But, make sure the vamp is not to high even though she will grow into it. You don't want the pesky smell of her doing her business else where. My favorite kitty box after numerous cat's ownership. I found is the Booda Dome Cleanstep  if your going to keep you cat for her lifetime it's worth the investment. and fill the litter box with Feline Pine Litter this stuff is absolutely amazing. Now all these things are awesome. 

Lovin is the Key
But, don't forget to love your cat daily. Pet them and make friends with your cat. She will love you back unconditionally, if treated her with respect and yelling won't get you anywhere. Be patient with your pet your the trainer and owner. She can only tell you my gestures. I can hold out my she rub up against it and be loving, but there attention span which is about 3-5 minutes if that long, She's on to the next thing. So have fun and enjoy your kitten that will soon be your cat.
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Grow Your Blog Party 2014 winner

 Spectacular prize's That I received from Peg from http://piecefulpeg.blogspot.com/ a gifted quilter drew her winner for the date of February 15th drawing from the Grow Your Blog Party 2014.
 As seen in the photo:
This package came and is filled with wonderful items. This is a beautiful group of stickers that will be used for one of my future card projects. Some wonderful Werthers original chocolate drops to enjoy and a beautiful card. That i will probably re purpose later down the road into another project. But, for now i will enjoy it, because i usually don't get a lot of cards.
Now lets zero in on her gorgeous creations. I know the package was coming and was just excited, waiting for this prize to come. Then even my husband was amazed at her beautifully made items as if i should frame them, and he even understood how precious these items are to me and the effort that went into each project. So now I am a proud owner of my first Mug Rug (which i found out it's name from the party bio's. Which I secretly desired one then included in this giveaway was a gorgeous hand crafted pincushion (which you should see it to appreciated it) and a book-marker which is crafted by a very common process fold over used in card-making. Just love it..and my Bible loves it too. Each item well loved and precious to me.
She is currently watering her spring flowers and excited that spring is about to come as she is getting ready. So feel free to visit her and add a new friend to your blog. Thanks so much Peg

New Blog Party In Town
There is a New Blog Party in Town  hosted by 5minutemoms and Date will start April 4 -11 and Sign ups are now. Just click the link in my side bar. The process sign up is different the GYB party was and there is encouragement for posting a giveaway. So if you thought I was MIA, this is not the case. In my research of blogging. and have learned that it is very important to create one good priceless blog, so my study cap is on and development is in the makings. So come back soon i will have that post up before the next blog party. If you are not already a follower, feel free to connect with me, for there is many things in the making for the up coming months.
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