Kitty Photo Shoot

Silly but, my Kitty Amira love's attention and a lot of it. Her loving ways are just so cute. Every day she even comes up with new ways to get our attention and keeps us smitten on her. Really can't capture enough of her silly struts, playful stunts and those moments to capture for all times. But, decide to have a photo shoot to see how she take to it. She's a natural.
She's not intimidated by the camera, if anything she got playful and seemed as if she wanted all the attention on her.Of course like any pet owner. We seem to put words in there mouth or even make suggestive like words (what they are thinking) But, pets do have there own way of talking to us. Amira wants our attention she will even take a little nibble and walk towards the direction she wants us to follow. We comply and 9 out of 10 times it's usually the answer she's looking for. She no stranger to the getting her own way.
She took over owner ship of my chair, near by shelving of her choosing and our hearts. She was rescued by some neighbors a year ago from being abandon in a construction site. The real kicker is that before our little Amira came to live with us, I had a very vivid dream of a tiger that rescued me. When that adorable kitty was brought around to find her new home. I had love at first site. And new that God made Amira just for us. Now her first given name was Namira meaning Little Tiger and Then she became Amira meaning Little Princess. She has become the Princess of our household. Even my husband has told me that she loves that, Amira is always in our mist all the time. Amira is not striving for anything but our love in return and she has us wrapped around her paw.

Kitty Needs
you to take care of her by Kitten or Adult cat supplies such as:
Cat Food: Amira love this Friskies Dry Seafood Sensations Cat Food Bag and still eats this even if she gets table scraps. This to me is awesome because I never seen a cats eat there food after they have tasted human food. But, Amira does.
Treats: Now Amira has to have a treat. Believe this or not but she loves vanilla pudding and cry when she know that it's time to have a little treat, or if I open the refrigerator.
Toys: Well I have to say there is two of her favorite toys. Hartz Bizzy Balls Cat Toys made for cats are very important in keeping them Entertained. And second she loves Kong laser light cat toy now that we made the our fun with our cat. Make sure you keep a good place for her toys. So when she is done with them you can put them in her toy box. And she will always know where they are. When she wants to play she will go get her toy. Really does work. 

Now, the worst part of the kitty supplies is deciding where she will go, to her business. Cat boxes can be tricky. If she still a kitten she can't reach to high so a low vamp would be appropriate. My favorite is the one's with covers. These to me are the best. But, make sure the vamp is not to high even though she will grow into it. You don't want the pesky smell of her doing her business else where. My favorite kitty box after numerous cat's ownership. I found is the Booda Dome Cleanstep  if your going to keep you cat for her lifetime it's worth the investment. and fill the litter box with Feline Pine Litter this stuff is absolutely amazing. Now all these things are awesome. 

Lovin is the Key
But, don't forget to love your cat daily. Pet them and make friends with your cat. She will love you back unconditionally, if treated her with respect and yelling won't get you anywhere. Be patient with your pet your the trainer and owner. She can only tell you my gestures. I can hold out my she rub up against it and be loving, but there attention span which is about 3-5 minutes if that long, She's on to the next thing. So have fun and enjoy your kitten that will soon be your cat.
by the Author of Overboard Creations
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