Types of Cards

If you are like myself and tried to Google types of cards the search is not as specific  as I would of liked it to be. Trying different combination of key words and still the results was not answering my question. So I went on a quest to find the information for myself. So I wanted to share with you my results. I will discussing the type of cards, plus structuring card. Tutorials will be linked as we build them with supplies and measurements and many details that will help you make your own. Our ultimate goal is to bring some insight to the question "types of Cards".  My search brought me a generous amount of information on techniques and embellishments that  will be including in our tutorials.  But, not our main focus. Many techniques might not be featured in our tutorials , so feel free to explore, create and grow with you craft of making cards.

This will be a structured outline to bring things into perspective to how the cards have evolved into what we see today.

Now, first a little knowledge on the greeting card. This art has been around for a very long time. The History behind these extraordinary craft started as far back to the Chinese exchanging message for a New Year Celebrating to writing on scrolls from the Egyptians and of course a handmade Valentine that is found in a museum. The most popular adapted all around the world is Christmas cards that are dated back to the 1800's. Now we are not here for a history lesson. But, I do want to bring value to the world of card-making and the modern day extraordinary people that have evolved the card making designs that we will show is our outline and illustrations.

This could be a little lengthy to some and informative to others which in either case. I hope you can get some valuable information to start crafting many types of cards for yourself. Best of all create your own.

 We will be cross over-ring the two designs 
to complete cataloging and Indexing.
card-making easy

  • Types of Cards Index "Photo grouping of each card design" By following the illustrations and Index you will be able to see the Many types of cards and techniques of cards.  

  • Type of cards: Catalog A to Z Cards and their sub-existing counter parts. By following the sub categorizes projects and identifying correct verbiage to simplify the cross overs between two designs. and Naming your projects.

    If you start to know me. I really like details to explanations.
Now, all types of Cards have these four Basic idea's
Front to bring attention to the card and it's Theme
Back if you commercially sell it would have a trademark, made by, or creator signature etc...
Message some message are part of the Front theme, Giving symmetry to the inside of the message. Some cards are made blank inside for the giver to write personal sentiments. But, all cards given have sentiments or quotes for this is the reason of greeting cards.
Opening can be from bottom to top,right to left, left to right, or top to bottom, there is always an opening. There is some interest to cards that have two openings. For example the card on card design or the Secret Panel Card has two openings. Designers across the globe are always trying to push the envelope to create new and unique cards that do more, move more or just are unique in design.

But, Creativity has evolved the card industry to moveable, digital, a creative embellishment. Go ahead and take a peek of the incredible meritorious named designs that woman have been working on for centuries.

 by the Author of Overboard Creations

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