Butterfly Cake easy as 1,2,3,4,5

Spring is in the air, and all new things come to mind. I think about celebrations, flowers and of course Butterflies. So for spring I worked out a beautiful template for a cake from one round pan. It's only me and my husband and no need to make an abundant of cake. So here is my design for the cake. Yum Yum. Also the party table a few accessories.

Now making a butterfly cake is easy as 1 2 3 4 5 and additional options.
Decided to make my own photo design, hopefully this will come in useful. Feel free to save as image for your recipe card  for later. also include a butterfly cake pan you can purchase by clicking the Icon of the butterfly cake pan. 

Really love butterflies and I decided that spring is here. So I going to make a beautiful design on my butterfly wings and perhaps have this article already and the cake has not been made yet. All good intentions to do so. This cake is one '9 inch round pan serve two people quite nicely. Could say this is achievable task for a spring fling for two. To serve people make additional round cake mixes to serve more would make a nice group of butterflies by connecting them. So I would create multiple colorful butterflies, decorating them in array of yellows, white, blues, pinks, and yes the lavenders caught my eye.
I got a wonderful serving size chart " I don't know if it's authorized to post it. so I will just let you scope it out on my Pinterest Board, if you like to stop over on my Pinterest.board, Click Here .

If you are like some and don't want to create the cake from the round pan. There are beautiful options out there. that you can purchase. I posted this butterfly pan that you can click the icon and purchase it through Amazon. I really favored the wing decorations for designing the cake. perhaps i might even follow the design to create my cake with this.

gorgeous butterfly cake in mind.  Unless you are like myself and sometime the cut area of the cake itself can be a little tricky.So please follow the
Tip is let it air dry before frosting. Fresh cake crumbles and it's hard to frost a fresh or hot cake out of the over. So the air will harden the fresh area of the cake cooling. This is when you should frost your cake. above.  Of course I am always impatient for cake, so i might have the cake crumb dirt in mine. This Pan serves one two layer cake mix and sized at 11 by 8-1/2 by 2 inches deep. Be able to get at least 16 nice cut pieces for a lovely party. Without the cake crumb issues. I have to have some more items for my spring day.

Now also I Love all things Butterfly so much, so i am going to do some browsing for something to celebrate spring I want to share some of my wonderful finds  How about some Cupcakes topped with butterflies and perhaps wrapped them in some pretty pink cupcake wrappers,

Also got a wonderful thought on a pretty bowl and fill them with some gorgeous edible butterflies. I know that they are on a wedding cake. Believe me there is always a way to re purpose all things.  If there edible why not decorate a festive table for spring and fill a bowl for such a beautiful occasion. I have eaten edible flowers on my salad and they are quite delicious. Also found the perfect bowl to serve the edible flowers in. Now all that's left is some good whether. I love to get this gathering together on a nice day, outdoors because butterflies don't live indoors. And I got a desire for Tomato sandwich's already.
  • click on the photos you too can get them thru Amazon.
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