Honor our Father and Mother ~ Mothers Day ~ Memorial Day ~Father's Day

After the Celebration of Mothers Day we follow celebrating Memorial Day the group of those who set out to fight for our Freedom, Then Father's Day our other half of the cycle of life.

 These celebration is to Honor of the Fifth Commandment.

The Ten Commandments 
1. I am the Lord your God who brought you out of slavery in Egypt.
2. You shall have no other gods but me.
3. You shall not misuse the name of the Lord your God.
4. You shall remember and keep the Sabbath day holy.
5. Honor your father and mother.
6. You shall not murder.
7. You shall not commit adultery.
8. You shall not steal.
9. You shall not bear false witness against thy neighbor.
10. You shall not covet. 

After the Mother day celebration, in May 11, 2014 in which is filled with flowers, and the beginning of spring, bearing the fresh newness of life. From our mothers womb we became who we are. We dedicated our love for all they do to prepare us for the life ahead. a free downloadable card for you to celebrate this wonderful day dedicated especially for MOMS. read more......

And the dedicated to Both Men and Woman who served in our Armed force which is Celebrated on Memorial Day, May 26, 2014 is the time to recognize them for there dedication. Inspire them with gratitude for there Service for there Country, There sacrifices away from there family, and persistence to bring peace across the world. 

Now we Honor our father's in Father's Day, which we are preparing to get ready to celebrate on June 15, 2014

Amazing fathers all over the globe, it is time to celebrate and tell them how special they are. There is many ways to achieve this.

I like, that I have this opportunity to guide you to a site that can help, These helping hand to this special occasion. Treat by shutterfly has launched there Fathers Day Gifts, All occasion greeting Cards, and even Gift Cards in getting ready for Father's Day. This site also will aid you any many occasions to celebrate through out the year. such as the previous mention celebrations that are posted here.

It's time to be get prepared and send that special Father, This incredible gift. or perhaps a card that you can find a little introductions to some of these great gift idea's available for you at Treat .

Best thing ever, Children don't lie
 You can always see the truth about yourself through the eyes of a child.


  The recycled paper bead making paper beads making easy peasy
Looky! Looky! what is new and made a big difference in producing the paper bead. A look into the process of how I make a beautiful bead with ease.

First, the the item doesn't come with the bottle to store the paper beads.Instead with a hand held handle But, don't be discourage with a liter coke bottle is the perfect size container for the attachment to settle it's housing on. Works beautiful, just make sure to wash and fully dry the bottle before loading it with paper beads. I actually let mine dry for several days before producing my first bead. Then assemble the two pieces and all that is left is to start making paper beads.

Very Minimum Amount of Assembly
Hand held to Cap or
Opt for the soda bottle assembly

The box comes with the starter cut paper size strips. 
  Left side is the Paper product in the Package
Right side is the Paper I photo copy to cut  
I like to keep the Originals to make copies

This Process has been used for years.
Recycling Magazine project. We suggest 
Using magazine pages with full color coverage 
will make a complete stylish group of beads.

Below we included the Measurements, that will
be useful if you use the magazine process with out tool.
Very necessary to have a good measurable pattern. 
Below the measurement that you will cut your strips for a proper 4M bead size.
Below are my beads ready for winding

Insert the widest end of your bead when using the Triangle
Insert the smallest side of strip when using the Rectangle 
this will ensure a smooth bead.

Leave a little tail on the bead to apply a dab of glue
and then your bead is formed

This one Triangle and one Rectangle bead 
Ready to be put on a strand of string
Optional: add a touch of Diamond Glaze to add luster 
and protection to the paper bead "Let Dry"

You can Purchase the product right through our site below

 by Author of Overboard Creations

Help Get your Creative Juices Flowing ~ Swap-bot

Blogging opens many worlds of surprises

My newest item is the swap-bot a creative resource to swap wonderful items from your stash, or your design. Many swaps to choose from and a create your own swap program is also included in the dashboard. Of course, you have to earn your credibility first by ratings. Knowing this i will take some time to join in the groups forums and join in the fun for a while, before creating my own. Also, some of the swaps also ask for a rating of 4.98 to even join in the swap meet. But, it will be well worth the journey. Because building a swap group with others is building your business as well as motivation.

Inspire Creativity! Crafty Card Making Swap

The above link happens to be the Swap I joined, That got my interest and juice's flowing. With Favecraft.com which I am a loyal reader of there paper post and other items of crafty goodness.

below included is all information that will be provided for each swap-bot that you join, or create.

Swap Homepage:
Swap Coordinator:
Swap categories:
Number of people in swap:
Number of people watching:
Last day to signup/drop:
Date items must be sent by:
Number of swap partners:
But, there is many swap-bot categories to join, Of course, I am fascinated with card-makings so the above link is for a Card Swap. But there is many other swaps that could help in your specific creative fields. Which in return will obligate your talents to produce and soar with reinforced praise's. Not, to mention the excitement of getting a boxed gift in the mail. This will also get your excitement going and even a picture moment to blog about.
 List of Information that you will see after joining you swap-bot SWAP in your Dashboard to keep you up to date. 

# in swap
Signup Deadline: 
Swap Deadline: 
Location: Regional - US
Number of Partners: 
Partners Assigned: 
Then the patients begins. You will have to wait til the coordinator assigns your swap partner. The dates can vary by joining group swaps details. But, I have a 10 day wait for my swap partner to gift. Then we will be partnered up by a to b, b to c, c to d and d to a. if you get the gist of this particular partnering will work for me. I can't wait and am very excited to see this play out. Plus, joining some more after i make my first commitment. I really like to do one task at a time to completion. This will aide me in knowing all the details. I did read some forum reviews that out of country does get involved but, be cautious do to there mailing criteria and postal services are not all A+ ventures.

This Post dedicated  for  A Proverbs 31 Wife becomes his crown
many other noble woman are participate in the Linkup
by Overboard Creations

Puzzle Play ~ Butterflies

I Really, Love fun in my life and want you to sit back and enjoy a little break.
Pull up a chair and a cup of Tea/Coffee 
Put the mourning crossword puzzle down
and do a quick Puzzle for a change. 

History makes note that The First known puzzle had 24 pieces and the Library of Indiana
Dates it around the 1730-1741 period.

  •  Small Puzzle, will stimulate the mind before starting your day. 
  •  Larger Puzzles can entertain the whole family. 
 Using the Puzzle Generator, is a quick way to send your next post on Facebook. Or use this to unveil that favorite photo that you just took of the New Baby. This also can just bring some smile to a teen or to a friend in and email for a Birthday Card. 

 Being filled with possibilities, of course I will make some card fronts for my crafted cards 

  I was always captivated by a puzzle that was laying on a table. I couldn't even walk by it without feeling I had to put a few pieces together. Then a sibling would join in. Next thing I would know we had a conversation going on about, I will be the one going to put last piece in. What laughter and fun floods my memories from a just a moments flashbacks, all from putting a puzzle together.

Penny Hold any Worth Today

Many people believe that if you find a penny face up, it might be lucky and you should pick it up.if you find a penny face down, you should leave it on the ground.  

This Celebration of National Lucky Penny Day is May 23 by National day calendar

  Lucky Penny or a Penny for My Thoughts

Donate Button why do I find this on Blogger sites

This is telling the blogger that you are leaving a gesture of kindness. For all there hard research ,talent or even their knowledge and how helpful it was to you.

The Etiquette of Tipping

Has been a form of saying Thank you. For your personal attention for years.

  • The Tip Jars are seen all over in coffee shop, a pizza shop, even deli's.
  • Tipping at the end of a meal in a restaurants.
  • Envelope's left in hotels for the housekeepers
  • Maybe a gas attendant that filled your tank at a full service depot

Penny for your thoughts or I will give you my two cents are response's to word writing. This is where you can express your gratitude to the bloggers information has been informative to your specific situation or even just very pleasing read. But, leaving a tip expresses the

Why, you should leave a gesture of kindness.

The gesture of kindness of donating to someone blog will be that added boost to tell the blogger that they are doing some genuine work that the information was informative to you. Generating that writer to continue there efforts to producing wonderful informative information that we all seek . That's why we Google

From time to time you might see the donate button. 
Even that little gesture of Donating even a penny, is greatly appreciated. It shows that you care, and that you stopped by. I won't be offended. Reading my post brings great joy to me
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtful comments, donating, and your visits to Overboard Creations as we embark in this journey together.

Making History in the Present, be a Donor

Florence Nightingale, Born: May 12, 1820 also known as "The Lady of the Lamp" for her evening rounds to homes for the ill. Also this Woman birthday gave way to a celebration for the International Nurse Day celebrated on  May 12.

What better time to bring attention to this topic. Then at a period of time that we celebrate The International Nurse day and a This Icon of a  figure of the past history Florance Nightingale for her great duties of being a nurse and caring for the wounded soldiers at her time in history. Now, it's our time to make our marks in life. By her great love for mankind, I want to bring some attention to being a Bone marrow Donor. Because we all have the ability of doing something great, Just like Florence Nightingale. 

Making our History today. I invited you to be part of this, For I Am overjoyed to find that there something we can do to help out in making  history today.  By being a Bone Marrow Donor, which can bring it's great reward to saving a life.  Especially in groups of ethnic backgrounds and to find our twin match Donor growing the number of most needed area of ethnic group donors we can help save a life.

I work at Amazon and found out about a year ago, from a Doctor check up and found out that I had Leukemia in 2012.  But, I was informed that it could hit me anytime from 2 to 10 years. Now, I am still playing naive to this disease at the moment.  Always thought what I don't know wont hurt me. The true is, I just don't want to know. that I am being blinded by the truth. Only because, I don't have family or friends to donate for my issue. Since I will be in need of a bone marrow transplant Then all this time, My husband told me he would. and he had 0+ blood and hopefully will be the right candidate for my situation. This Article gave me a chance to opening my eyes to what I will be in store for, which will in detail sometime during my lifetime will cause me some great discomfort. With this chance to write you and explain, by this invited to make this article a donation as my part, to talk about my Disease. I want to help shed some light upon the needs of Bone Marrow Donors from all ethnic cultures.

First, all of us are not so lucky to have a person that loves , so much, is going to be there to donate  to my survival. This brings me to Ethnic groups. Even though my husband is from Morocco and is willing and going to have o+ blood to donate to me. Does not necessarily make him the right candidate. a culture of the salva and testing to make sure that they are the right candidate. Which I will leave it up to the professionals for that.

Did you also know that there is a shortage of Ethnic group involvement. We Need More Florence Nightingale of all Ethnic Groups to Donate Bone Marrow. Below, I included how to sign up online, what to expect after surgery and also a good clean bill of Health.also the Video to

shed light on finding our Match Donor

We can understand what will also happen during the process by some of these other go to sites.

Do You Know
What to expect after surgery  

How to Register Online to Be a Donor:

You can also include and Organize a Donor Drive

 Don't Forget Your Donation Helps Saves Lives

by Overboard Creations

simplycaptivatingphotochallenge ~ Close-ups



 Lovely look at the Butterfly Drinking Nector

My Story How I became Overboard Creations [cut and create design site]

Lives can be changed New Beginnings Can Happen

If your only willing to take the first step

Craft Subject:  I Love the Art of Paper Crafting, and this was just the place of subject that I wanted to focus on. But How did I get my Name for the Website. All things have a beginning. So here's how I got my Name

Overboard: from the movie of a beautiful heiress and a hired carpenter, she gets amnesia. the Carpenter Looking for a little revenge, he convinces her that she's his wife. Then she finds the truth, but love has already gained rhythm in the relationship and the 5 children fall in love with the heiress as MOM, Even the Carpenter is captivated by her attention to his house and household become utterly in Love. Ending got me the most. What could I ever possibly give you that you don't already Have. [little girl] How precious was that moment.
 Your Are Here

The butterfly Icon & Creations: Creations is to represents All things created beautiful and become New again. What better way to describe the New, is with the featured Butterfly Icon, this is also way to describe my life. God has been gracious to give [myself] people a chance to change there lives, Now matter how bad a life may seem. You can change it around, If we are willing to want to change. I made that choice in my life. I give my credits to my sovereign God who art in heaven, Hollow be his name. his kingdom come, his will be done. on earth as it is in Heaven.

My Challenge Me Monday Post 

To Add Creativity to my life 

Love to Have others Inspire Me too!

Created Then we added another site to House all the Types of Cards sketches and Work In Progress Projects the Cards that will be created . Also this was a good place to organize the items for more items to add and focus. Using this site.
Here We Feature our A to Z Cards. LOOKING FOR Entry's  

A collection other Card Designer Fans [WIP]
Entry Form here to participate in our
 Enter a Butterfly Card design
 pic tutorial and get you web page linked 
Butterflies are Many types and colors and I like to catch you in my Net.
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Sketches are provided and found included in the directory A to Z card designs. Your designs will feature on the A to Z list and you can build the butterfly card from this choice sketches list.

If you like you can click the A to Z cards above, 
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We will also develop Other Offer will be some freebies SVG's and free downloads.

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