Penny Hold any Worth Today

Many people believe that if you find a penny face up, it might be lucky and you should pick it up.if you find a penny face down, you should leave it on the ground.  

This Celebration of National Lucky Penny Day is May 23 by National day calendar

  Lucky Penny or a Penny for My Thoughts

Donate Button why do I find this on Blogger sites

This is telling the blogger that you are leaving a gesture of kindness. For all there hard research ,talent or even their knowledge and how helpful it was to you.

The Etiquette of Tipping

Has been a form of saying Thank you. For your personal attention for years.

  • The Tip Jars are seen all over in coffee shop, a pizza shop, even deli's.
  • Tipping at the end of a meal in a restaurants.
  • Envelope's left in hotels for the housekeepers
  • Maybe a gas attendant that filled your tank at a full service depot

Penny for your thoughts or I will give you my two cents are response's to word writing. This is where you can express your gratitude to the bloggers information has been informative to your specific situation or even just very pleasing read. But, leaving a tip expresses the

Why, you should leave a gesture of kindness.

The gesture of kindness of donating to someone blog will be that added boost to tell the blogger that they are doing some genuine work that the information was informative to you. Generating that writer to continue there efforts to producing wonderful informative information that we all seek . That's why we Google

From time to time you might see the donate button. 
Even that little gesture of Donating even a penny, is greatly appreciated. It shows that you care, and that you stopped by. I won't be offended. Reading my post brings great joy to me
I can't tell you how much I appreciate your thoughtful comments, donating, and your visits to Overboard Creations as we embark in this journey together.
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