The recycled paper bead making paper beads making easy peasy
Looky! Looky! what is new and made a big difference in producing the paper bead. A look into the process of how I make a beautiful bead with ease.

First, the the item doesn't come with the bottle to store the paper beads.Instead with a hand held handle But, don't be discourage with a liter coke bottle is the perfect size container for the attachment to settle it's housing on. Works beautiful, just make sure to wash and fully dry the bottle before loading it with paper beads. I actually let mine dry for several days before producing my first bead. Then assemble the two pieces and all that is left is to start making paper beads.

Very Minimum Amount of Assembly
Hand held to Cap or
Opt for the soda bottle assembly

The box comes with the starter cut paper size strips. 
  Left side is the Paper product in the Package
Right side is the Paper I photo copy to cut  
I like to keep the Originals to make copies

This Process has been used for years.
Recycling Magazine project. We suggest 
Using magazine pages with full color coverage 
will make a complete stylish group of beads.

Below we included the Measurements, that will
be useful if you use the magazine process with out tool.
Very necessary to have a good measurable pattern. 
Below the measurement that you will cut your strips for a proper 4M bead size.
Below are my beads ready for winding

Insert the widest end of your bead when using the Triangle
Insert the smallest side of strip when using the Rectangle 
this will ensure a smooth bead.

Leave a little tail on the bead to apply a dab of glue
and then your bead is formed

This one Triangle and one Rectangle bead 
Ready to be put on a strand of string
Optional: add a touch of Diamond Glaze to add luster 
and protection to the paper bead "Let Dry"

You can Purchase the product right through our site below

 by Author of Overboard Creations

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