Puzzle Play ~ Butterflies

I Really, Love fun in my life and want you to sit back and enjoy a little break.
Pull up a chair and a cup of Tea/Coffee 
Put the mourning crossword puzzle down
and do a quick Puzzle for a change. 

History makes note that The First known puzzle had 24 pieces and the Library of Indiana
Dates it around the 1730-1741 period.

  •  Small Puzzle, will stimulate the mind before starting your day. 
  •  Larger Puzzles can entertain the whole family. 
 Using the Puzzle Generator, is a quick way to send your next post on Facebook. Or use this to unveil that favorite photo that you just took of the New Baby. This also can just bring some smile to a teen or to a friend in and email for a Birthday Card. 

 Being filled with possibilities, of course I will make some card fronts for my crafted cards 

  I was always captivated by a puzzle that was laying on a table. I couldn't even walk by it without feeling I had to put a few pieces together. Then a sibling would join in. Next thing I would know we had a conversation going on about, I will be the one going to put last piece in. What laughter and fun floods my memories from a just a moments flashbacks, all from putting a puzzle together.
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