Making History in the Present, be a Donor

Florence Nightingale, Born: May 12, 1820 also known as "The Lady of the Lamp" for her evening rounds to homes for the ill. Also this Woman birthday gave way to a celebration for the International Nurse Day celebrated on  May 12.

What better time to bring attention to this topic. Then at a period of time that we celebrate The International Nurse day and a This Icon of a  figure of the past history Florance Nightingale for her great duties of being a nurse and caring for the wounded soldiers at her time in history. Now, it's our time to make our marks in life. By her great love for mankind, I want to bring some attention to being a Bone marrow Donor. Because we all have the ability of doing something great, Just like Florence Nightingale. 

Making our History today. I invited you to be part of this, For I Am overjoyed to find that there something we can do to help out in making  history today.  By being a Bone Marrow Donor, which can bring it's great reward to saving a life.  Especially in groups of ethnic backgrounds and to find our twin match Donor growing the number of most needed area of ethnic group donors we can help save a life.

I work at Amazon and found out about a year ago, from a Doctor check up and found out that I had Leukemia in 2012.  But, I was informed that it could hit me anytime from 2 to 10 years. Now, I am still playing naive to this disease at the moment.  Always thought what I don't know wont hurt me. The true is, I just don't want to know. that I am being blinded by the truth. Only because, I don't have family or friends to donate for my issue. Since I will be in need of a bone marrow transplant Then all this time, My husband told me he would. and he had 0+ blood and hopefully will be the right candidate for my situation. This Article gave me a chance to opening my eyes to what I will be in store for, which will in detail sometime during my lifetime will cause me some great discomfort. With this chance to write you and explain, by this invited to make this article a donation as my part, to talk about my Disease. I want to help shed some light upon the needs of Bone Marrow Donors from all ethnic cultures.

First, all of us are not so lucky to have a person that loves , so much, is going to be there to donate  to my survival. This brings me to Ethnic groups. Even though my husband is from Morocco and is willing and going to have o+ blood to donate to me. Does not necessarily make him the right candidate. a culture of the salva and testing to make sure that they are the right candidate. Which I will leave it up to the professionals for that.

Did you also know that there is a shortage of Ethnic group involvement. We Need More Florence Nightingale of all Ethnic Groups to Donate Bone Marrow. Below, I included how to sign up online, what to expect after surgery and also a good clean bill of Health.also the Video to

shed light on finding our Match Donor

We can understand what will also happen during the process by some of these other go to sites.

Do You Know
What to expect after surgery  

How to Register Online to Be a Donor:

You can also include and Organize a Donor Drive

 Don't Forget Your Donation Helps Saves Lives

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