Grow Your Blog Party 2014 winner

 Spectacular prize's That I received from Peg from a gifted quilter drew her winner for the date of February 15th drawing from the Grow Your Blog Party 2014.
 As seen in the photo:
This package came and is filled with wonderful items. This is a beautiful group of stickers that will be used for one of my future card projects. Some wonderful Werthers original chocolate drops to enjoy and a beautiful card. That i will probably re purpose later down the road into another project. But, for now i will enjoy it, because i usually don't get a lot of cards.
Now lets zero in on her gorgeous creations. I know the package was coming and was just excited, waiting for this prize to come. Then even my husband was amazed at her beautifully made items as if i should frame them, and he even understood how precious these items are to me and the effort that went into each project. So now I am a proud owner of my first Mug Rug (which i found out it's name from the party bio's. Which I secretly desired one then included in this giveaway was a gorgeous hand crafted pincushion (which you should see it to appreciated it) and a book-marker which is crafted by a very common process fold over used in card-making. Just love it..and my Bible loves it too. Each item well loved and precious to me.
She is currently watering her spring flowers and excited that spring is about to come as she is getting ready. So feel free to visit her and add a new friend to your blog. Thanks so much Peg

New Blog Party In Town
There is a New Blog Party in Town  hosted by 5minutemoms and Date will start April 4 -11 and Sign ups are now. Just click the link in my side bar. The process sign up is different the GYB party was and there is encouragement for posting a giveaway. So if you thought I was MIA, this is not the case. In my research of blogging. and have learned that it is very important to create one good priceless blog, so my study cap is on and development is in the makings. So come back soon i will have that post up before the next blog party. If you are not already a follower, feel free to connect with me, for there is many things in the making for the up coming months.
  by the Author of Overboard Creations
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