Subway Art and Chalkboard Art

What a Creative tool  I like to talk about is Wordle this wonderful tool creates a sort of subway art and chalkboard art. For the card designers it might be a useful tool as a cover page to a beautiful designed card for a very special love one. Perhaps print out a page for a beautiful small gift wrapping paper. Could even make group of words and frame them for additional wall art. Even make a grand gesture to Say a kind word to some one you know. However you use it or what ever you use it for it will be a creative tool to pass on

Subway Art is fun But, I like to use this tool for the quick and easy way out to create the illusion. Especially if you don't want to do all the work and planning the word art and hunting down the right font. This tool will let you just input some words of your choice and the randomizer will build the groups and text and then once you choose the platform you like. The randomizer will ask you to print or save to a public library. Now I saved my created choice to the library. This brings a feature of a Url to copy and paste into my site of choice. so examples of the generated words of my choice see the photos in this article, just to get an idea what you will see on the site. More words to the generator will create a fuller space, and alter the size of the font. They do give you a sort of subway art illusion. Just remember subway art is different from chalkboard art so pick color in you design. What do you think, Nice little generator if you don't want to be bothered with the artistic side and need a quick fix for
having one. I really like simple over hard work this is Easy peas'y to me.

Chalkboard is my favorite, As a Card designer, my love is fallen to many types of creative avenues. Subway art like chalkboard art fall right in it a simpler pattern but it just black and white. Can't seem to get enough reading of it but I utilize very little in my day to day uses. So when I ran across this site, couldn't let it go, had to make use of it. So first I going to tell you about it. and keep it in my library of must have and must do list. I really do most of my chalkboard creations with a 2 to 1 ratio of black acrylic paint and cornstarch since my projects are small approximately a 2 by 2 inch areas to paint. Then I use a chalk ink and load a stamp with words. Pretty simple and easy to do. Now, I like this site for a quick fast print for paper for using for card making on a larger scale. Like making an envelope for my cards or printing a cover page for my cards. Just a word of advice, the generator does not use repeated words. If you choose to repeat a word the generator does not recognize it. Trust me, I tried it. Have fun blogging feel free to use some creative tools.

 by the Author of Overboard Creations

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