Feeling of Accomplishments

Feelings of Accomplishments
Well I have to say that with a full work week where I have to spend my day and with setting my task to actually start building a blog. I say I have a that feeling of accomplishments. What I mean as, I set out some goals and I have achieved them.
First I joined a Grow your blog party for 2014 and I have read over 505 blogs and should finish up the last of the sites reading tonight. It was a little tasking but, I wanted to learn my audience, my new found blogging buddies, see sites and there platforms of giveaways (and their importance) to implement them in my own site. Learn my followers and follow my new friends that I have learn who they are.
Joined many new sites as well as the old. Planning on doing a grow your own blog in the future you might want to be prepared to join them in many fashions of the blogging world like as follows:
  • Bloglovin The easiest way to follow your favorite blogs ... Bloglovin' helps you follow the blogs you read by letting you know when they update this comes to you by an email. If you want to follow any blog sign up to Bloglovin and there site in blog search and click follow that simple. Some bloggers don't have the link on there sites. but it's that easy.
  • Goggle+ Network (following blogger blogs) Google+ aims to make sharing on the web more like sharing in real life. Check out Circles, Events and Hangouts, just a few of the things you will find
  • Twitter for bloggers there is 9  Benefits and 4 Reason why you should Tweet. I actually by growing my own blog. I have a lady that tweets me on tips for blogging she my consultant. I found her through a Pinterest posting.
  • Pinterest is where you go to discover new things and collect stuff you love. If you find something online you want to build, cook, buy or do. But, in the bloggers world we show off our stuff that you want to collect and discover and we want you to do so. We build this too!
  • Facebook  here for bloggers 7 reason why its for bloggers more in detail. But, truly it's like for Building our blog, Advertising, latest news, a sharing platform of course you can read the article. There's also a bloggers guide to Facebook here 
  • Linky Tools  great features and personal tools for keeping all blogging files together. Its free for account trial for 30 days to sign u
Bloggers come from different networks where they post there blogs and each have there own style to sign up there followers but, Bloglovin looks like by far the easiest way to follow each network from multiple blogging sites. If there is more I only mentioning the groups that I stumbled upon.
  • Blogger Free weblog publishing tool from Google, for sharing text, photos and video
  • WordPress is the most popular blogging tool available. But what many people don’t know is that you can use it to build a top-ranking website
  • Linkytools2014 new but only a free 30 day trial
  • Weebly Create a free website or blog in minutes by using a simple drag and drop method. Really built in friendly design for any new user to follow. but, you have to learn about mega, tags and key words to help you get better eyes to your site.
All these sites come with easy set up instructions which you can do your sharing of your subject that made you start blogging. But, If not easy enough goggle it on YouTube for a more visual aide. I am sure that you will find someone that will give you a visual how to guide to help you in setting up your blog/website on one of the above sites.

Box of Treasure using our Logo Card design.Known as overboardcreations Logo card.using your box of treasure we got a FREEBIEto get you started.

Second accomplishment was able to finish a project and post a picture tutorial on my logo cards which I gave the basic card design with freebie GSD/SVG files to see this beautiful card construction in progress. I gave 3 project examples and here is the Embellished project after basic card was constructed. I worked on putting pizzazz to my cards by using my box of trash to treasures. This box of mine was made up of mistakes and experimental techniques. Also used up space in cutting area to fill space to waste less. Also using punches that I have for unused area left over from cutting. Things that I found unusual. Just anything to small or not large enough to file.
Lets look at the First Project of the Loco cards that I made first we will see that I project we started with a basic card design with embossed back lining to show off it's details      
A Little close up view of the embellishments that I was able to grab out of my mish mosh of treasures. It was a flower that I was experimenting with a flower cut out and using a edge punch to create a more delicate flower. Which I added a butterfly straw clip and Ink stressed the edges as well a smearing some lighter pink over the butterfly to give it some light airy floating butterfly. If I say so myself. I was pleased with it's outcome. Now I zoom to the bottom of the card to show off. What I did with a snowflake gone wrong. Lets start with adding a little bit of a Heart ribbon a came across from a dollar store that I absolutely love.
but, I never found a project to use it on so I cut the little hearts off and use it to send pop to hearts that I want on my projects. This is a close-up view to show the detail of the embellishments used to create a bouquet of hearts from a snowflake that wasn't quite useful at the time. And was able to repurpose into this project. I love the outcome. 
Well now it's the Project two and how we took this project to another level. What do you do with the parts that are punch out left overs. I treat them like a treasure from my box and created another look. So we are going to look at the basic card first. You got to know what thing since I was able to trying to understand the meaning of my name (Dawn) and I guess everyone in there life time has question it one way or another. I have found it's meaning is a Fleck of Light and always I see it represents the sun or mourning or even a bottle of dish detergent. I created a love for the color yellow and the feelings of being a joy to life. because Jesus is Light and I am only a fleck of his light. what a wonderful meaning. But, I want to focus on the color yellow I just love the color. So I want to do my butterfly love on yellow. Always had a hard time working with the color yellow even if it's a color I love so much. Lets glitz it up with glitter was my first thought and what better glitter than gold. so I added the glitter over the homemade paper I made with I Heart U stamp and you clearly can see the stamped image through the glitter and really looks great. and the flower was a slider button leftover and I had to put a little bit of a sunflower look but I didn't make the center dark.
I looking more towards a sunny day flower. Even thought I was needing to add more pop maybe using some red. This couldn't show the true meaning of the color yellow that I was looking for. Sometimes I think that you have to put a little of self in each project so you can give a little of you in those gifts that why we create like we do. So it the end it came out quite the way I wanted it to. Worked with teal as a secondary color to complement the dark rich yellow I used. Now I have one more look at Project 3 little different approach for my design using the first cut out but this time I trimmed the paper down a little bit. Because I actually wanted to put something a bit larger on the card without taking away from the butterfly logo. So lets take a look at the item without embellishments. These sketches of just the blank canvas are a wonderful display by themselves for a card design and great to print and go. Again http://overboardcreations.weebly.com/ isn't that why we make things so you can spread the word. I appreciate a little word of mouth.
I want you to know that I have included a Freebie of the card without embellishments so you can use your own box of treasures to create your own unique card. Just give me a little credit for the  TM overboardcreations designer cutter file that you got online through overboardcreations. Now go get your free cutter file and design your own Box of Treasures Card today There are all occasion cards because you can change them to
occasion that best suits the occasion. Of course I used a little bit more hearts and love
It's Valentines day so I inserted in the card to
my new found friends on cyber space
of course if you want to download the Freebie GSD/SVG file
you find it at the end of the Picture tutorial of the Basic Card design.
Thanks for Visiting
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