Lesson Learned on GYB Party

Dear New Visitors

I know that my site seems to be missing on theme. But, MY THEME will be, my love of Paper Crafting (I will be another card maker , paper shadow boxes , making my own paper pulp, making  at lots and lots of paper flowers. And learning the world of blogging.

For the moment I thought I blog about setting up my blog to help keep my thoughts organized and keep me on the path of being a great blogger. This is giving me the opportunity to make my to-do list. Plan my next move and thanks to Grow Blog Party you are just my next move 

And Grow your blog party couldn't of come at a better time.

My subject was better way to learn more about blogging is by visiting other sites and seeing what captivates my eyes. Designs, picture placement and much, much, more can be learned by this method. We Learn from the experts, plus other bloggers and there success story's . in reading others blog I have found great sites and giveaways and challenges that I too hope that I will soon be a participator of.

Which at the moment I stumbled onto Grow your Blog by accident. Of course I signed up right away. What a beautiful concept this woman developed named Vicki . This is her second Blog Party and this developer I would say, started something good. and it looks like it turned out to be a bash with over 600 plus bloggers jumping in on the party. So I see these woman are volunteers to help Vicki make a impact and too the time to visit 600 postings. Takes a good group of woman to read over 600 blog sites and I checked and update today. They already grouped the Blogs sites by there least followings to help them the most. Thank you Girls for your hard work by the way.

I know that I started a calendar of events and she's on next years to do list. I got in the Party around the latter 600 and I hope I will not be looked over. I having my own challenges just visiting and adding them as whom I also follow. I wanted to get to know my neighbors and took the time to read there blogs and what good read I have been in heaven for two days and i become there new followers also.

to go with the next step.

Making A Comment: Please forgive me I haven't posted to every site a comment. I guess the first two hundred that I followed I got wise to this was the proper procedure. I am only up to 235 and have a lot of back commenting to do. Now that I think about it, it’s the proper gesture to do. Vicki gesture of putting the blog posting on your site is that place where all blogger are to enter these comments. It's a great follow up spot to add comments of thanks you to your new followers. (Vicki Grove farms made a wonderful suggestion, don't feel you have to leave a comment on every single blog. Not every blog will appeal to you nor will it be one you want to read much less comment or follow. That's perfectly fine; comment on the ones you like, follow the ones you like and blog when you can.) So Please be patient with me600 blog sites are a lot of sites to read. I just want you to know that crafting, creator of all things interest me, so as always I going overboard and I going to add you all. I found that in my blogger site there's a wonderful add button and I do hide the ones I wont read on a daily basis But, I still will be able to follow others and grow there following counter. Plus I know that time to time I can reflect back at these wonderful group that have great talent, I can read and learn about there hobby. I really love learning about a lot of you. I can see almost most of you are embroiders, beautiful photographers, and wonderful family well round people, and my site in particular that caught my eyes was a writer. Oh that site was my favorite since I want to blog. And blogging is a sort of writer. This in a nut shell is why I started writing about how to blog, I want to learn to blog and so what better subject is to talk about is building your group of followers /audience and increasing your following. Because be a follower is not only what you want to build. You want to build a group of friends that really want to see what you have to say next. I sure have high hope that I achieve some of your interest to read what I have to say, be intrigued by what I learned next. And perhaps learn something on the way.

Building you blog community and being  at the Blog Party is AWESOME and fun too! I have learned things

learn by doing. So I jumped on the Blog party and it's been two days in and I have only read 235 websites. And forgot to comment on them. Me Bad - my apologies.

Learning by our mistakes. Be prepared. I hope that also can keep a promise for next year to be prepared to have a give away. Woo ho. Loving this too! I can say I signed up to at  least 25 giveaway's so far and I still have 400 blogs  to read. It's still early the cut off date for the giveaways is on Valentines Day February 15th. This was the Blog Parties rules that all Blog party enter in the contest make there giveaways end the same day.

Lesson to learn read the readers rules before posting. I have stumbled on a lot of repeats blogs posting on the Blog Party and wrong site Link information as well. I am a bit of a computer geek but there was two so far I was not able to hunt down there original sites. So I will end this  by saying check and recheck your work is a very import thing in blogging. Making sure your links are working which I will hope that we all do. Preview your work before Posting. I also want you to know. I love your work any way it comes out. (but I am striving for perfection in myself) this is just for helpful hints and review. I have Yet more to Learn from my many more visits. I hope you enjoyed this read......
And Don't forget your giveaway contest

Keep track of your record entries. On the giveaways. With every one having so much to do.

I would think that to be prepared to see if you won by making some track record.

I made a list: the site I enter  a copy the link file, the item they gave away. So I can always be prepared to give mad props to the winner  just in case it's not me.

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