Making your LOGO
This is going to be the most powerful tool and the most important decision you will ever make. This will identify you from others and can be used on letterhead, business cards, websites, blogs even your product design.  

There are some things to keep in mind; you can pay others to design a logo. It could be the answers for your business from the get go to make a powerful impact for your business. But, if you decide to make your own, keep it simple. You might find yourself needing a t-shirt advertisement or mass producing products and you want to start out on the right foot. A very powerful Logo will impact and the memory needs to be impressive. Most business card and tee shirt company’s cost for layers of colors. So by keeping it simple this will keep it cost effective at the same time this will keep it manageable for your budget in the long run. For myself I like designing cards and paper crafts which I wanted to make a cutter file of my design and by keeping it simple I was able to achieve this goal.

This design by overboard creations describes a little towards a crafty person in which is my intent to show that I am a crafter. I also show my personality through the heart representing my Butterfly Love. And this is truly true in my case. I can never get enough butterflies around me. They represent freedom and creativity to me. I surely have a love for both so we placed a heart that represents Love. This is surely a clear symbolism icon to a LOGO. (Logo’s can also be a word or letter) represent you and your product, the business and a little of ourselves in our final outcome. This is in my own opinion but who knows you better than you. So be creative and look around for your identity and product before shopping around for a creator. Once you have it in mind, keep it simple and then try creating it yourself.  Give it a try.
Logos Import them and place them everywhere. You want your audience to identify you with this new art work that you created. Let’s go over places where you can put into operation so it will work best for you. I have made some easy drafts for you to get started. Just replace my photo and insert your own body text. Keep in mind always keep it simple for easy reading. The Logo Pops and the body of text is the next place where your eye is to be directed and even your words should be direct and to the point to the reader.
    Business Card Avery word doc (editable download )
    Business letterhead( editable download
    Free card design from my inventory with my logo. (Download GSD  n SVG )
Don’t forget to upload your logo to your website, blog, and affiliate accounts you own. Insert your own logo in blog forms you want as much attention to this detail to associate your business to your logo as much as possible. Make sure after once producing your logo that you place the register trademark on your final product and start using this logo on the web. This trademark registration has come a long way from the good ole days. talks about the basic trademarks and Name registrations facts to answer your questions on this subject. You want to be a different from the next guys so do your Trade name research and trademark your logo.
Optional but can be done. Get a stamp with your design for placing on your products a simple design is easy to manufacture through a stamping company. If you make cards like me I use a printer stamp on my cards or I just cut my design right out of my card stock back page.
Creativity and being different is a very key role in this market today. 


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