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Magnificent I have produced a lot of thing this week. For starters this week a collective few Valentine day cards I made and showed off to my few individuals that purchase from myself placed their orders. Their orders got completed for the upcoming season holiday and a few extra so I have some on hand for sale. Made sure I made photos to show later and closer to Valentine’s Day. Since these photos will be going to homes I won’t let the cat out of the bag till the day has past so they can enjoy the excitement first.

Now the next thing I worked on a project of packaging my beautiful creations. I also added a GSD file freebie of these Pocket tags that I transformed into a gorgeous packaging idea for Overboard creations to show them off. These freebies are a GSD and SVG file only. I work with a older cc300 robo craft that works perfectly so if you can use GSD/SVG files here is a wonderful downloadable freebie plus a peek see of what I made with the file click here. Now the item I selected for the image to use for picture purpose only. I have yet to make the items (paper crafts) that I really want to show off. But, making the juices flow by getting my first packaging concept out of the way. I guess that I should tell you the first reason for making this packaging file. Was, I bought the Robocraft for making boxes for nail tips that I personal digitally paint. Well goodness I didn’t believe how much fun it was to create paper crafts and so my subject and desires have now switched to paper crafting or which I calling procraftinating.

Now no more procrastinating excuses my purpose in life now I am a procraftinator. But, to organize my life better I started the blog. I couldn’t leave house cleaning, cooking and myself down. I like being a wife and cleanliness but my obsession for crafting started getting in the way of daily life. I rather craft every minute of the day than be working, the reality is that we have to work to make the rent and grocery bills.

With these choices I have made to learn about glues, other crafter projects and isolating what really I want to craft and be my specific area of expertise is yet to be developed. So in hopes blogging my daily projects perhaps I might fall into my real gifts that God has giving me in paper crafting. So let’s talk about the blogging set up more.

Incredible it is like a full time job just filling out forms and editing sites. Just to make one web page, the basic ingredients that a blog site needs for example: The policy agreement, our vision –mission statements and then just telling you a little bit about myself. Was exhaustible to exposé and make myself accountable for projects. Isn’t this why, we make these New Year’s resolutions to makes us accountable for one reason or another.

Now, that I have begun this road of being a blogging procraftinator. My to-do list seems quite extensive.  Well I am going to start today’s to-do list with posting this article, uploading my Gsd file freebie, a tutorial of what I made with this Pocket tag and Adding a page to the blogging sites to swim from more than one page to another. Don’t forget widgets just love those widgets. I mad e my first widget for my Overboard Creations website.

Blogging to be continued with working on the new forms information of Google drive that I downloaded, and still have yet got the blogging form to work properly to post directly from my Microsoft word program. At this time it’s still a copy and paste into post form. Awesome I did get the links and Google drive to share and link the files for this post. Amazing the technology today.
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