Computer Crash Can hurt

Computer Crash Lead me to This.

Why?  Blogging of every move I make, Finding my downloads  information in a public blog. Well guess what I going to tell you.
Did you ever have that computer crash,  lost important documents including all photos. Even your thoughts just vanished into space. Well I have experienced this lost first hand.  A incredible lost of entire website. Downloaded photos that I spent hours in a year digitally designing.  I didn't back it up. then it gets worse, Got a new computer  and my drivers wont run. 32 bit and 64 bit have different operating systems. I run a lot of older programs because there nothing wrong with them. Don't fix what isn't broke. That's my saying, I not all about keeping up with the Jones.

Well even backing up the computer sometimes don't work either. What if the whole computer crashes, scene break or another irreplaceable drive cannot be found. the Crash my effect you harshly. This crash was a hard drive this information unrecoverable.  Wow computer two, all my photos of my past vacations, didn't back it up. I meant to, I say I get to it over and over again. But, life kept getting in the way. Well! Lesson learned the hard way. I making information available also to myself.  The Font is a Free website and you my find the font upload by the cutter file icon. I love butterflies so maybe some day when I lost and broken. I have all that research and sites to recover all that I researched in a safe downloadable site. I can recover my information in a fast and safe manor. Intact the way I made it.
Now I am backed up on Goggle drive, Drop-box, blogger blogging or web site and my thoughts are out in the open.  I am backed up one way or another. I know where I put it, I have it all in a organized and easy downloadable site. Also copyright laws protect you from using my detail. But, what's the harm in helping others create  and get on there way to freedom.
by the Author of Overboard Creations


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