Featured Father Day "to be a Hero" ~ Cartoonist Joe Mondin

A Hero is defined by goggle dictionary as a person, typically a man,

who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.

Who's to be your Hero?

My Feature Hero is My Husband
created Photo print gift for my Husbands Birthday

Your the Hero in my Eyes "Happy Birthday and Father day"

My life has been enriched every since this photo was presented to my husband, and his love to post it all over the Facebook network. Now after this prize piece is in my household, that has been place on our mantle.

By The talent of Comic Book art creator of Black Ice, Joe Mondin and a father of two Abigail Rose and Lucas.Which, I had recently had the pleasure of meeting this very talented,and published comic book artistry creator. On the above is a photo that was produced by his talented creative ability, for a gift to my Husband for his latest birthday in May, which was very overjoyed to have a part in this cartooning feature of his past love of Soccer. Of course, I asked the artist to include that all my eyes where on my man.

The Hero of there eyes
First, Lets introduce him and his children Abigail Rose and Lucas. the driving force that keeps him lavished in affections, and support to keep him pursuing his dreams.
This Creative Artistry Creator has his own style that he also makes time for. Which gravitate to adult R artistry which he holds the bragging wrights to Black Ice which is an independent comic book of his own and other Photo features on a past interview with aggressive comix to read more on this up and growing talented already published author at goto sites below
Featured Article: > aggressivecomix.com
Personal Website/s: > joegrafix.deviantart.com. - Facebook.com/operationblackice

I also had the privilege to do a little sight seeing over to his site which you might also get to see this beautiful artistic/cartoonist artwork that was gifted to my husband on display as well. Thank You Joe for the exposure.

It is really nice that we can share in the showing off other who inspire us, write about and inspire others to stop by, or buy a little piece of our selves and share in the fun as well.

Don't forget to comment on his site or browse his inventory of goodies. Or ask for a little self cartooning of your own. I am sure that he will have a spark of advice to help you create a one of a kind art work piece for you.

Happy Father's Day
The Modern Day Captain America and Family

Who's your Hero? or Captain America?

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