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Sending and being sent items in the mails is just awesome and a fun way to create and send your items. With many crafted creative swap selections to choose from. You can join in the swapping fun. I have the pleasure to share with you My first swap. I had joined my first group, just recently and if you like to read more... here is the other featured article on Swap-bot. Plus, having the pleasure of creating my own swap robot ladies to also share in my adventure of these article, I will be enjoying to write. I wanted something to identify my swapping lady friends. So, i hope you will also enjoy my clip art creations.

Here we go, I Got Mail. 

 Like always, with everything you join you got to read the directions. I got this letter in the mail and it looked like a birthday card. Well, I know it's a little early for my birthday. Opened the card, it's my swap partner. Oop's I didn't know how to play. After going back into the swap-bot site. Ohhh there it is. In the upper right corner click here to find your partner name. I got it now. and out went my card. So let's review the items that got sent and received.

Gifted treasure from my Swap Partner

Also, part of this gifted package of her Artistic creation. Is a favorite classic Author saying.......

Far away in the sunshine are my highest aspirations. I may not reach them, but I can look up and see their beauty, believe in them, and try to follow where they lead. by Louisa may Alcott

Then, recently did a Seven Day simplycaptivatingphotochallenge~ color  In which I used the Butterflies and coloring page's to post to the challenge. Here's the card from those butterflies that i made for the challenge and how I colored and displayed them.
I first had to do some coloring of each butterfly....... with gel pens, and hopefully you can see the high sheen from the metallic gel pen set i used. I also have a few glitter gel pens that always come in useful, to give some luster to there wings.
Now, I also choose to outline the photos after using the gel pens . Included is a photo outlined first. But, after coloring one before and after the gel pen was applied. I opt to outline after coloring in my butterfly coloring page photos.
As you can see, I printed out my coloring pages, six for each panel I created, and two for the  larger photo. about 1/4 inch larger and layer two back to back. Curling the back layer away from me and curling the top photo towards me. to give more to the impression of flutter wings. Then glued the two layers together and then applied the Butterfly over the ribbon. then one of the panel butterflies, I also double layered the butterfly. With only curling the top layer on the six panel to give depth.
My Coloring book Page Butterflies
I hope you enjoyed the Swap-bot treasure that was sent in the mail. and received in the mail.

Don't forget to add a sentiment .....My love for Butterflies was the insert which I will make sure next time not to forget to save the saying before sending........

Hope, you enjoyed come visit again.

by the Author of Overboard Creations
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