my testimony for ACN

My testimony starts back in the 80's into the 90’s. I worked for a Greek Pizzeria in the mountains of Killington, VT. I also did work at another pizza establishment as a Waitress. Then, I even made my dreams come true, with my goals, achievements and much more .This was my top of my world achievements of owning my own business.

THEN, I needed to start over again. And this time.
My goal is to help others. click the

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I Promised myself after releasing my ownership to a previous business, I would never have a Business that didn't have God first. Goodness it has been a long process of eliminations to find this Godly based Business. But, I want to share it with you. Tell the world about it. First, they are eager, to share in the epidemic of Hunger in our own Country. And as part of being a member of this organization. You will be part of this giving as well. For every one that signs up to this service, will aid in feeding a child, as this is an epidemic in USA. We need more involvement to change this.

 This organization leaded me into a great start of being my own leadership building, Now I am a Independent Business owner again. This paired me with others that had the same vision , mission and desire to be there own independent owner as well.

This didn't end here. It became a new beginning for me. They took pride in helping me as an individual to grow and prepare me with lesson one on ones teachings, and many other accessible resources. Just yours for the asking.

With this knowledge, hope that you will do yourself a Favor and Help yourself by trying out your own independent business today. by reading more.........

 Did you know that Will Play for Food Foundation helps feed a child every time some one signs up to pay there utilities. 
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