Get the Facts before any trip ~ Brookly/Manhattan Weekend trip

 Weekend trip to Manhattan/Brooklyn New York ~

Bon Voyage to my Husband for a visit to Morocco his hometown

Well,, a lot has gone on since the last time we spoke. First, my husband is on a 3 month trip to see friends and family in his own home town of Morocco. Which gave us a chance to spend the weekend in Manhattan / Brooklyn NY. " chaos "
Setting Out for a trip to the Morocco
This Was a wonderful weekend before I have to say goodbye for a long duration apart since our Marriage. We havn't been without each other side by side in four years.  I like to share a few things about this crazy trip we had on a weekend just to make the drop off  to the airport to say our farewell for a few months from each other.
 Well, First don't forget to make reservations. I went and started out with my trip reservation with a company named of course I thought this was a excellant plan. Booked the weekend night stay with great price. Hotel reservations was at the Comfort Inn Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.Photo insert further below. Confirmed that this was easy access to be involved to go to the Statue of Liberty. Oh, how we have been waiting to spend a day at the statue. Just to clue you in, this did not happen.

Get the Facts ~Make your reservations.

You might just only get to be at the foot of the statue.
get your Facts and reservations before you set
out on your to see the Satue of Liberty.
Book Your Reservations.
It's very important to know that you must make reservations to the statue of liberty for the chance to go inside the building or you will be waiting at the her feet for hours. This is almost a number one spot for vacationers, schools to showcase our history and heritate from all walks of life. So the streets are busy with tourism booming all around. Even the 911 water fountains bringing in friends/ faimily all year round, needs a ten day in advance reservations to just see the wall. Well, I thought making the reservations online and request that this would be available for us. We where informed that the shuttle was every thirty minutes to the ferry. Awesome all excited but, no one told us to make reservations at the statue as well. I just assumed this was all part of the ferry. Nope, not the case. well disappointed on this part of the trip. But, easily corrected now for our next trip. Book reservations and ask more questions. But, the trip still had it's highlights.

Get the Facts ~ Parking

Now we had to hang in the Manhatten side of New York to take care of our buisness before our weekend started. But, a must do on our list to stop to the Moroccain embassy to handle our business affairs. This is very Important fact to mention the parking.They will kill you with unexpected charges for parking previlliages. Even the Native new yorkers are killed with this same injustice of prices. You can park for one hour to even three hours and they will charge you a full day parking fee. So, these are just some of the thngs to be ware of on your trip. If you try to rebuttle this. They pretent to not understand english or just down right ignore you. So, the truth is they just plain scam you in the open. Now, we made it through our night mare of driving through the traffic after two hours to bridge from Manhatten side to the Bookly side that our day was almost shot.


Get the Facts ~ amenities

Comfort Inn Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

One of the beauties of this trip was that the Hotel was quite nice. Supprising after the entrance in, I thought I made another boo boo. The road to the hotel was a little bit like driving into an industral business area. Asuming that even the trip from the Manhatten side to get to the Brooklyn side was a feet in itself. Long roads of traffic. This is a very hopping hotel and filled with many exciting people from all around the world.  Just so you know there is a shuttle service to the terminal but, this is an extra fee. then you have to pay ferry fees. and don't forget to make your reservations to the Statue of Liberty. or any of the Manhattan feature sites. Make sure you book you visit.

Get the FActs ~ Food

 Excellent delivery food service and pricing from a local pizzeria. Call 718-624-0690 MARK'S pizza restorante. In which the dinner was resonable local prices and serving size. We will give 2 thumbs up for portion size, taste on the Veal Parm dinner, & Grill Chicken Dinner. plus the add on of Garlic Bread.
Breakfast in which the hotel provided which is onlyA full contiental breakfast included. Don't let them fool you when they say a full american breakfast. It's really just a contiental breakfast with a waffle machine. And those waffles are delicious. and worth making part of your breakfast.
Lunch was the best part of our trip. on the corner block a local small cafe with wonderful atmosphere, cleanliness, and the must have coffee for living in the upstate area's. We even had the pleasure to meet the owner of this beautiful establishment during our visit. Nothing like enjoying a cup of coffee and panni in new york . Plus, I am a native upstate new yorker and this made me feel so at home.
Get the Facts ~ Night life Entertainment.


 I listed some of the Broadway theaters that I found flyers on my trip. These are must, on your list to do while in New York. But, you need to make reservations so here is a list and Numbers so you can find out the Smash hit musicals or Broad way plays that are showing at the time of your visit. Of course, these are revolving shows and calling to find out what is their feature for the evening.

Box office 235 W 44th St

225 w. 44th St

205 West 46th St

208 West 41st St
call ticketmaster 866-870-2717

Broadway and 42nd St
call ticket master 866-870-2717

Of course, each trip is unique. But, the most important thing for every vacations of your dreams. Make sure that you learn the area. Get all the information and reservations before heading out. Then have fun, and enjoy the trip without being disappointed. 
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