Super WoW widget a must have.

a super wow widget slides in action

There are some programs that will help to create animated GIFs from a sequence of individual GIF files. I have give a freeze frame upload of your files to help create your own gif to use on your website or blog.

If your like myself, I really love action that draws my eye to the item and like to watch it.  The down fall is that every one stops reading the message . so a good thing is to have a call to action located near enough to draw your attention to the large letters. Perhaps this will tell the readers your are wanting them to read the article or perhaps go to another section in your site. Not to be mesmerized by the gif, unless that is your intension.

This is a free online Animated gif generator HERE

 I find the widget to accomplish this task on my site wow widget This was a way to express my love to my husband which I love very much and he loves his photo taken. So, this was a way to put him up in lights to use him in a blog post.  So, Happy Fathers Day sweetie from your whole family. We love you and hope you have a good long relaxing day.
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