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Butterfly Fans introductions 

Butterfly fans we designed to link up to linky parties on wordless Wednesday, and make captivating photos. Which is still our intend to, and like your to drop by and see these great photos and the great photos to cone. I found that I could shot the camera, and collect about 1000 photos plus. The results would be one great photo and maybe two. I am no photo expert, yet I do know when I did get the great photo and like to spread the news of how lucky I am to have found the great shot. Still, I am a woman in Christ and have loved acronyms as long as I can remember.


[ ˈakrəˌnim ] an abbreviation formed from the initial letters of other words and pronounced as a word
I enjoy acronyms especially that Christians have used them to spread the word. I looked high and low for some good ones and Pinterested my results on my board. Now, I am taking a stab at making some acronym sketches and up to the B's and I have a free down load of my sketches on PDF file for your enjoyment.  Please enjoy my site Butterfly Fans  you will find other great photos and our WIP group of acronym creative images that you can share the word. Fill free to pin it , share it, and make GODS word known to the world.

I guess I felt that GOD is full of humor as well and would like you to know his word through out the world. This is just example of what acronyms sketches that are waiting for you at butterfly fans  plus when I get a captivating photo now and again this is the holding tank for all the A to Z sketches of Acronyms that I have arrived at, with added scripture that also can be shared.



The Word is alive , share the Acronyms Banners at Butterfly Fans on Facebook.


 I am so glad that God provides his love and word for free. to share and create. For he loves us so
much and he just wants us to share the word. Of his great love. Honestly, the world is changing and to reach the next generation we need to provide fresh wisdom. God does not change, yet we could ad graphic art to enhance the material God has already provided for us. So, I guess I feel like I should get busy with my list of acronyms that I have collected over the years and get to designing.

I hope you will help me to encourage others by sharing these banners of the word to others.

If, ever! you are in your worse crisis. And your first thought is GOD  that will rescue you and you cry out for GOD to help you, Then its time to get to know him.

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