Animals , Gods greatest gift to mankind

The Love of Animals Great or Small

I just have to say my love for animals is over the top. I haven't yet raised any yet because I have always had lived in small domicile. Yet, someway somehow I find a way to be in the environment. From caring for them in my side jobs or taking trips that let me enjoy there company. so I took some photos to share with you . with some details where and how we got to enjoy the trip. IF you look real close, you can see I got kissed by the snake. His hiss touched my check and that was an exciting day for me. :)

Snorkeling in Puerto Rico

First of all , lets start with animals under the sea. I don't mean fish either. Did you know that this sea urchins are living animals under the sea. which are cover with a protective shell and a mouth on their underside for eating. There are over 950 different species of these creatures that live under the sea. This was a fascinating three dives in one day in Puerto Rico. The highlight of the dive was the third dive or our trip, when we swam in a florescent filled of glow in the dark plankton. So no need for lights, because the water provide a well lighted experience. I suggest a trip to one of the many areas that provide snorkeling or kayaking tours. Two weeks of water fun in Puerto Rico and slight humidity showers daily.

Buggy Rides in Intercourse P.A.

Spend a afternoon in intercourse Pennsylvania were you can take a leisure buggy ride around the Amish lands. Authentic drivers, museums to return with gifts for all of the family, and a wonderful dinning experience on a large dinner table where every one passes the platters filled with fixings to fill your tummy. If you like the good ole days, this is the place to experience the way it use to be and still is for many that live in the area of Lancaster Pennsylvania. I even have to mention the cat that almost became a new member of the house. She was a yellow tabby that was just so loving, If I wasn't already a proud owner of a kitten, I would be owning her. Farms are great places to find a new litter of kittens needing a home.


Feeding Trout At the Lil Le Hi Trout Hatchery

what better way to enjoy the afternoon then to help our towns local hatchery to stock the local streams for the fisherman. Lil Le Hi Trout Hatchery - Allentown, PA You wouldn't believe this is not one of Pennsylvania top attractions but, it gets a lot of buzz around here for the people that know about it. And the reason why we love it. It only cost is the food if you choose to feed the fish. This trip is for the whole family. I have been here at least twice a year, and most of the time I go up the road for a walk around the walking trail that's a round about that you will see bikers , horse back riding , fishing and the occasional bat swooping by. My last visits the birds where fending there territory of new offspring's by swooping past our heads. What a thrilling day that was. If you like the ducks, and geese in the stream your going to be thrilled by this walk, especially in the first part of spring when all the ducks are mating.

There is so much to do, and its just the beginning of the summer festivities. I lost so many great photos that  I noted some of my most favorable animal moments so I have them documented. and I had so much more to share. yet there only memories now
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