Precious are the Few Moments shared

Precious are the Few Moments that I got to share a photo that was posted from my Facebook Friend. She woke up to the beauty this mourning. This captured moment with the smell of her blooming Lilac Bush. Behold as you can see a beautiful Butterfly spreading her wings far and wide. With stunning features of symmetry in her radiant yellow wings. Enjoying the sweet nectar of her Lilac bush in full bloom. this is what I am  missing working through the night and sleeping all day. The Brilliance of the sun waking up nature windows to enjoying the frolic of the sounds of the secret life of the mourning that I sleep away. Oh how I miss the mourning birds chirping and greeting the day, With the smell of fresh mourning air. 
As I reflect back, it's doesn't seem so long ago. But, life passes me by so quickly, as the few moments shared by any beautiful moment. Really, was glad that I woke up today and got a glimpse of this photo and asked if I could share it with all my new friends in the blogging world. Couldn't tell you how glad it made me feel, when she said sure Dawn. This memory will last me a life time in my heart, of the blessings I get when I see the Majestic butterfly in its own habitat resting, floating, and even the changing from it's cocoon of slumber. Waiting it's precious time of transformation until it will soon one day be among us, as a new creature to share it's beauty and delicate fragile form.

Thanks for stopping by. Don't forget to stop and see the world and all it's glory. And share a Precious Moment with some one.

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