Bloggers Opportunities and Decisions

A Wave of Opportunities being a Blogger 
Ocean full of decisions to Make

Being Prepared on  Disclosures, Taxes, and Keeping Records, 
These Affiliate programs which is a wonderful opportunity to be a stay at home Mom, but we have guidelines with our choice to work at home and paying out of pocket in starting out, ( Domain names to register, Website to design or have someone set the site in motion.
Start up could be a long time before seeing any revenue from the efforts applied. Thanks to the Free Sites to get us up and running. But, .Com cost

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This Article is for beginners who are aiming to make better living

  1. Being Prepared: Don't Quit Your Day Job
United States government Site
is very encouraging in helping new growth to the community and offer a lot of valuable information.  But first you must prepared yourself with the need to know information that you may take. Here you can download on the government site a helpful guide and template to plan your strategy before starting out.
   Business Guide Template  []for myself was the best thing to organize my fields before setting out on the business of my choice. Even if you don't complete, it's really a great start to organize thoughts and fill in the what you should know about business in general. This is a Free Download
You Should *Save one first so you keep and original copy, and save one for the editing copy.

Article from a Bloggers obtain these useful and informative blogging materials. I want to thank her  for writing a very well explained Article on the Disclosure, Federal Trade Commissions, and Blogging responsibilities

REPORTING ( Taxes the Law )  realizing that the government wants there share of our booming and growing internet sales with there online shoppers and affiliate programs much needed valuable information for the need to know bloggers, you must reported income, click on this link the tax forms and publication for a Affiliate Marketing.
This is estimate cost of start up for any PA business, fees to pay taxes.
Addition taxes will apply depending on state, property own/rent
food business or corporation etc... this is only a estimated value to consider
Lawyers can set these up with out getting involved Just more ($$$$)

Keeping good records is how it is done. There is various ways to keep records and being prepared of what there will be is part of the guide template will help aide you in some of the topics that may apply to your business, also this will help in your valuable information you must keep tabs of. Important need to know information, list and organization skills are part of running a affiliated programs that you will find in this article of keeping records.


Getting a Daily to do List together for your Social media accounts [ ] will help in organizing your tweets to be made, comments to share, Important of liking and being liked. Pin it has it play in the world of blogging too click the link and find out why?

Copyrights on Images
here's a list of sites to get free images [] keep yourself from harms way.

Why Click Affiliate Bloggers
 Working in the beginnings hours of starting up affiliates programs, deciding  theme, widgets or blogging sites to join is only part of the battle. Spent hours of unpaid time learning, researching, and blog parties are other ways to get involved in the blogging communities. Just to get known in the cyber communities have mounted up to hours to months for myself of enjoyable time of unpaid hours, but a real need to know What it takes to get started? Your Time

~Get involved

Teaching others click on our blogger sites, buy through Affiliated blogger. With the hopes that viewers learn to click on a site to shop. We are supporting our Work @ home affiliated friends.

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 reason why you want to do this is the government rewards entrepreneurs with massive tax benefits. You can write off: your car, home office, cell phone, and even traveling if you can justify it with legitimate reasons. So by all means, treat your home based business like a business and you'll get business benefits. Rich Educator, Marketer and New Media Content Creator 

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