I went above and beyond today for a savings. Getting my perks

Apps that are worthy to download.

I just downloaded the app and got my card loaded with ten bucks to start my week out right. My time is getting more limited to the available time I have , especially squeezing in time to eat as well as to get ready in the mourning. So,  a faster way to start my day off in the mourning. I choose to download an app from a friends suggestions and request to take me out for a cup of coffee.

This wonderful afternoon we decided to download after She got me hooked by the incentives. I then proceeded to downloaded the app, which I got a free coffee and with my AARP member I got my free donut  which to qualify for this AARP card you must be 50 or older, you also will have to purchase  a large or XL coffee. to redeem the AARP free donut.  So, this week I got a good deal plus my birthday is around the corner so dunkin donuts will be giving me another free drink, for using the app  as well . There are also other built in discount incentives to help boost the use of the App.  This months is already a savings to me. And I haven't even spent the ten dollars I loaded on my card yet.   I still have the free drink on my card since the first purchase was a friends invite to take me out for coffee.

Blessed be! for looking out for those alternative ways to save and get a good cup of coffee. I am not a Dunkin donut affiliate.. Just love avid lover of  the dunkin donuts and coffee.  The added plus is the coffee is always hot and good. No matter where I travel. Even the my favorite  My Little Pony is coffee bean. He's such a stinker. I hope you make a savings and join in the group of already running on the dunkin. It sounds good to me. Just another way to enjoy a good cup of coffee and a AARP free donut. You must be 50 or older to get the AARP membership, so with this tidbit, getting older has its perks.

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