Choosing your Target Market

First it good to know a time line of the generation target market. Because each generation has gone through different growth in there age time line. For example Generation GI and older generation perhaps don't use the internet, or have and email. so to target this market, you perhaps would do advertising on a TV, newspaper or radio to reach this targeted market. Because this era of population was introduced to the daily paper tossed on there door steps.

If you have a target market around the generation Z I would suggest targeting your consumer through free apps or radio targeted towards the younger generation.

Then the big one is Baby Boomers. they are the most sought after targeted.. Yet they are producing children growth as well. And most of there target market is in the health field do to their aging factor.  These are just one of the factors to consider in choosing who is your target market.

Because the market changes so much over time. As you can see by the illustration that every generation has been touched by some kind of technology and this technology has grown as well through the time line. So this would be something that you would consider to get involved with, except the growth is massive and change a great rate. Could be costly to invest in. Instead it is a better bet to learn the advertising spectrum of this technology to reach your target market.

Generation changes that effect the market.

Media is define as: the means of communication, as radio and television, newspapers, and magazines, that reach or influence people widely:

Could be effect by the

Some things that are to be considered in the timeline as well is Age, Location, Gender, Income, Education, Occupation, Ethnicity, martial status as well as how many children they have. You can also include Demographic changes and trends.
For example the news at one time talked about the move to Texas by advertising their was many job openings and cheap housing this could make a open market trend because of migration to the state in growth.
Another example of trends is when the movie hit billion dollar growth, like the movie Frozen you could see the market flooded with all kinds of glitter, party goods and activity on Pinterest of all kinds of DIY projects as well as the stores filling their shelves with items towards this trend. These are well learn over time with the big guys that use there timelines, trends, knowing the target market and advertising to generate revenue.  See how you can start making your own target market then track the trends as well as tracking your Demographics.
I also like to add to the examples in diversity of using language could also be added flair to your articles and ads by using a translated version as well to reach the target market as well.
I an inclosing a word doc so you can start tracking your target market today. Word Doc.
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