New Bloggers Wanted to make Earnings

Well, I found an Affiliate that will help a blogger, Especially the new beginners and small bloggers on there site.
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Lets creates your affiliate link site, at this website. link your personal codes to some of there own photos for your advertising needs.
You will Get paid for clicks to the link.
So far this looks to me the easy way to get started in getting paid for links. In  the beginning of a new bloggers Site.

In a pay per click marketing, the individual has a potential customer to which will leaves the affiliate website by clicking on the link leading to the merchant's website, a certain amount of money is earned by the affiliate. (you)

This amount can vary depending on the product or service but, this is the responsibility of the program  to seek out and provide affiliate programs and the price you will earn per click . These advertised are published and agreed-upon with commission per ad. The money might be electronically transferred immediately to the affiliate (you) or the money might be transferred at regularly scheduled times of the day, week or month; or a check might be mailed to the affiliate at regular intervals after reaching there quota.. This is your part to read the agreement and accept there proposal and start using your specially coded link to you. and start making your clicks today.

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