To Do List : Making Money Basics for Bloggers

Here's a stab at the beginning of a
To Do List
for Making Money on the internet
the Basics

the reason why we are doing the basics as we can always grow from here.
But, we have to have a starting point. This is the one we are going to start with
for a basic design of keeping up with our daily task.
This is my, Beginners To do list.

click and save as a To Do List for your self

Check your emails make a list of all your emails to keep up daily of all your resources that you joined old and new
Design  Article’s  this not only will help you in generating a topic , be original and even if your not a great artist. Use Microsoft office clipart, this  is free to use as long as you don't sell the artist clipart as your own. this is  free to use it for your articles and blog sites.   This can be "clip art" " Photos" " your own design" imagination here is a key asset.
Blog Articles  Now, that you have some Photos or Design your Clipart for you to talk about. Take your time and Write about it. I find I have so much to talk about every day with no time to blah blah blah about it.  So, I advise you have to some time aside to actually blog about it.
&Bubblews the (5) Articles are a way to make a little side cash.  Use a some number of words to get your juices flowing and then use it to make the grand finally of a blog after you gather a little jot down of your thoughts so you wont forget. Or have a little something to talk about you can just blah blah about it there.
Pinterest all your Activity, this is the new way to get your blogs articles out there and it really is a great place to show off those Design Articles' or photos you took and get to post it for all to see. Just make sure you like other and gain a following and follow others. 

“How far that little candle throws his beams!
So shines a good deed in a weary world.” 
Twitter all your Activity  learn some good #hashtags  and make sure you tweet about it. This is today modern world of Advertising. and take a little time and surf about it . You will find a wonderful world of information.
Coupons sites daily to make (grocery List) take a little time in clipping a few of really the useable coupon and learn to use them. put a coupon system together for your self so you actually use them.  I found that if I pick my coupons out and put it on my grocery list. I have better success in using them. If I clip ones I really don't use, I get a pile of coupons that expire.
Free stuff /Enter Contest ( keep records to keep track) what contest or things that are arriving in the mail . Some of the contest you might have to find out if your a winner. so make sure you keep good records on the contest. Read the requirements to know the rules.
          Contest are sticklers of the rules.
          Rebates are sticklers to the rules
          Free stuff some time have qualification rules
So, make sure you read the requirements,
The below sites are some of the couponing sites that I earn bucks or swags.
 Money for Taking Surveys.

 It's free to join. Just click one or all these link to go right to the registration page:
Join Swag buck. com  you can earn swags on coupon clippings, search , video watching  my favorite site so far.

Survey Club  Take surveys, be on a panel or watch TV this by far is my second Favorite.  
Inbox dollars   you earn inbox dollars on coupon clippings , search , video watching more....

Vindale Research Take surveys , be on a panel or take studies.

Pinch me choose a product, trying the product, make a review of the product. and get a reward. how simple.

Just pick one of the above, an learn it before moving on. I learn the hard way. I joined all of them and it was hard to keep focus. Each one has there own way of earning the bucks, rewards and doing task. So, its easier to pick one or sign up to all, My advice is learn one thoroughly before doing them all. I also made folders in my favorites to rank which one to do on a day to day task. This little tidbit of information will become your best friend to list each folder to do list on Monday and to do list on Tuesday. Just in case your like myself and want to learn the fast and quick way by joining them all. 

The following is some of the Affiliate and Money generators that I am going to be joining.
Affiliate programs:  (keep updated) and Choose from some wonderful programs out there. Two I have been signed up. There are others out there. But, feel free to use this to do list to get you started and then add as you grow and learn.

Referrals especially friends are a great way to earn if you have a list of friends. Comment here if you like me to send you a referral.
Quibids Auctions just make Comment on my Procraftinating web page and request the invitation. I would gladly send you and invite. Great place to join the auction and get great fun and perhaps walk away with great merchandise.

Top Hatter Auctions : great buy or sell auction. haven't done much with this yet. Looks exciting.
EBay Listing ( List 5 items everyday ) this Is a work in progress.

but, I surely think, that if you do one thing every day for a year. You would have done 365 things
done in a years

 So, I am upping the quantity of items done and hope to complete this to do list daily. And start adding to it. This looks like a great place to begin. Hope you join me.

Don't forget to comment below and tell me how your doing on your to do list.
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