Life Happens and it's Funny or Not but, it's life

There is a time to Laugh and knowledge is Power
Life Happens and it Funny or Not but, it's  Life

I recently ran across an article that had to make you laugh. Through life stage's of achievement which some people are able to by pass. But, the truth is that the majority of people fall in this category.

First as a child you have all kinds of time to have fun , lots of energy to do them but limited resources to accomplish the things you like.

Next you become the responsible adult with a working income to afford the things in life, energy to accomplish what you put your mind to. Yet, you time is mismanaged and not used correctly to create the happy ending you expect.

Then Old age happens. in an instant, that time got you here, which now you having nothing buy time on your hand , you retire with a little savings that perhaps will let you have a little fun or vacations,  Until you realize you have no energy to do it.

What a big laugh , that now I think I got life good. you tell me this.

What do you have to say about that.

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