Ice Cube are not just for ice anymore

Remember ice cube trays that function to be an ice cube tray. Well they have evolved to being molds since the new technology of flexible rubber bake ware. Comes in all kinds of shape, sizes color.

Did you know how versatile the ice cube tray has gotten over the age of time.

You can do all kinds of other things like freeze, chill and mold items, even using them for your crafting needs.

Like to give you a few of my tips that I use myself for using them in making some awesome treats.


1. make rice crispy in a ice cube tray as a mold for a quick pop snack

2. Make a marble cheese cake as a quick snack and monitor your calories

3. lemon juice or squeeze lemon plus some sweet n low diluted with water to make ice cubes to make lemon water for your drink.

4. set a strawberry and water in ice cube trays - set some blue berries and water in ice cube trays then add to a white lemonade to make a colorful Red white and blue drink

5. Make chocolate and peanut butter layers treats that I  chill in trays
6. freeze cookie dough to cook one cookie at a time. to help me on my diet not to eat to many treats at once. Great for portion control.
7. Don' t forget the old fashion ice cube. that I use to make smoothies. 4 strawberries, 1 banana , spoonful  of apple juice,  ice cube, I use bottle water because I can't have fluoride. blend and you get a 116 calorie  quick drink for the summer.  Omit the banana and you have a 16 calorie drink.  great for quenching the thirst and the calories.
Just some beautiful suggest to get those ideas stirring. have fun this summer.
author overboard creations

ADDED SITES: Crazy idea's from other websites, with smashing great photos and suggestions.

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