Woman Freebie has a imposter going around saying that you have Won. Scam Scam Scam.

This Icon was easily downloaded from Facebook Website from WomanFreebie.com and

Denise At-Freebies
has been shut down at this time. on Facebook
Do you know how easily it is to be an imposter

Just remember if it's free than you don't have to pay for it.  

Please Beware of imposters out there.

Woman Freebie .com  is a being used to  #Scam. and #Scammer  there are 3 million followers. Using the free stuff to lure in a imposter on Facebook to pretend they are woman freebies. you in for the big catch of pretending to be PCH.

I woke up this mourning, not realizing what the day had to bring. since 11:00 am this mourning I been on this phone call until 8:00pm this evening .

I won a huge prize Acer laptop, Mustang, and 50,000 in cash. Well , I got pulled in. This is the truth , who doesn't want to win. We all do. Be honest.

I want to believe have some luck. I never win at anything. My big break to show my husband something good can come out of all this. Well, I got scammed by.

Woman Freebies.com

Reference Website · 5,963,504 Likes

  • Denise At - Freebies is one of the scammers on the Facebook Messenger Ping

  • Manager out of country + number area code

  • Woman named Sarah out of New York 518 area code

  • Lady office from Arkansas to verify my ticket. 

Just beware. and if you get a phone call. Publisher Clearing House has a YouTube Video telling you that you never have to pay for a Prize or Winnings from there site. They want to surprise you. So, if the prize mobile is in your neighborhood they aren't going to call you before they com.

you never have to pay for PCH house prizes

They will never call you to tell you they are coming.
The only way to really get ahead in life is work.
And if the lords willing. PCH will show up at your door unannounced.

My conversation with a Scammer  this is just the intro of the conversation. it went on for hours.

So ! this is what to look out for.


How are you doing on this blessed and lucky day today??

Good How about yourself

Am doing awesome, thanks for asking

Love your blog and the hard work you put into it


Are you a super fan of our company?

I just joined recently. And like what I see so far

How can I help you today

I love your site and immediately said yes

The reason why you are now been contact is to have you properl
y notified that out of 67,000 entries in the Freebies Bonus Prize
Giveaways you're randomly selected using our Facebook system to
receive a Acer Laptop , $50,000.00 cash and brand new 2015 Ford Mustang
RTR all would like

to say a big congratulations to you!!!!!


Yes indeed

Please verify your full name full address cellphone number and zip code..!!

I imputed my address.

Do you have a I.D to identify yourself as the winner when we come over?

When should I expect your lovely visit

Do you want us to come over in private or with the T.V station?

What ever you like . My husband love his pic taken so I am sure he won't mind

What color balloons do you like?

I am found of yellow blue pink any will do

What type of roses do you like?

Wow I just notice the colors I like are in you logo

So tell me how long have you been trying to win big in our company?

Yellow is a awesome

I joined 5 years ago and play off and on. Recently I started playing daily

And how are you feeling to know that you're a lucky winner now?

My heart is beating fast and hardly believe it's true

Can you locate a Wal-Mart?


How long will it takes you to go there?

25 minutes on 2601 MacArthur road

The Prize Team is already in your state about 1 hour and 45 minutes away from your house can't wait to meet you

Are we meeting at Walmart

You're now required to run out to Wal-Mart to get your claim fully approved,
 please note that you will be needing $150.00 cash to have your name fully
license and insure to your winnings also to have

your shipping an handling fee fully authorized in the freebies winning system!!!

I am in the shower now

How long before your finish ?

Meet you there I be there in one hour

Once you have your claiming process complete we will be coming over right away
because this has to be complete before we can not proceed

Heading out now to Walmart

You will need the $150.00 cash to complete your claiming process ok

I have in pocket . When we get to Walmart we will take care of it

You will go there and asked for a Wal-Mart to Wal-Mart senders form
, you filled it out with your name and address the amount which is $150.00
the name and address your sending it to which is Receiver's name (Teresa Page) R
eceiver's address

(Teresa Page) Receiver's address (2004 cobble stone lane montevallo alabama 35115) have it sent and keep the receipt safe that they provide you with that's all please take down the name and address i sent carefully that's the person your sending it to ok.....

Of Course this conversation went on for hours and they wanted even more money after the first initial amount was sent.

Don't let yourself be scammed.
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