Hello Kitty Song ~ remake of louis Armstrong song


Hello, Kitty  Yes hello Kitty
Its so nice to have you back where you belong
You look'n swell, Kitty, I can tell, Kitty
You still grow'n you still purr'n you still go'n strong
I see the tail wagging , while the cats play'n
With one of  your old favorite toys from way back when
So, take a scatch kitty, Jump on a lap, Kitty
Kitty, you'll never go astray again.
I see the tail wagging, while the cats play'n.
With one of your old favorite toys from way back when
So... Golly Gee kitty, have a little faith in me kitty
Kitty, you'll never go astray, Jump on my lap, Kitty
 you'll never go astray again…
~overboard creations
Dedicated to my Amira Nevaeh Mizoud
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