Lazy days for Kitty

How we meet
Amira was found abandoned at a work site. A neighbor brought her home asking if anybody wanted a kitten. she couldn't of been more than 8 weeks old in the June of 2013. We took to each other, the moment I saw her. My husband couldn't refuse me. Because, God sent me a dream of a tiger cat recued me from a car. She acts like that tiger cat every day. But, really her bread markings look more like a tabby. But, she my little tiger.

Cats where known as Demigods.
Did you know that Cats back ground comes with a pedigree. They use to be treated as Demigods. Dating back as far as 2000 B.C.. They where so highly rated that they where mummified with there faces engraved on tombstones and treated as Demigods. Even there beauty and walks show they have glass and grace.

Domesticated Cats Date back:
Then the became domesticated over 10,000 years ago. Cats seem to gravitated to farm house's due to the plentiful of vermin. So, they rank vey high on the attacking the problems. So , family members welcome them.

Sleepy Kitty
When they are not catching vermin, there sleeping up to 15-20 hours today. There most active time to be adventurous is the wee hours of the night, when most people are sleeping. Usually when we are waking up and having breakfast a cat will want there dinner and then soon they are off to sleep for the day. which is a great house pet. With families of two that work in the day. When the cat is catching there zzzz's

Predators instincts
They store up energy, they are predators so activities are very necessary for there development. This will also cut down them tearing up your furniture if you give them a jungle gym of activities and tower to scratch.

Cats do talk
So when you really think you cat is talking to you. Is because he is, when living with your pet you learn its body language and he learns yours. But, there is distinctive body language that all cats have that helps us understand what a cat needs or wants in a generally rule. Those vocal signals of meows and purrs tell you if they are hungry or happy. Living with your own pets also makes a bond of routine that also adds to the body talk, that helps you create those unspoken words.

So at this point enjoy the time you have with your cat.
by the author of overboardcreations.
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