Using letters in your articles

 rdinarily I like to start with a elaborate detailed photo of my topic, as my grand entrance to my article.   But this is, going to be the topic of using  letters. This was a wonderful way, back in story book days. Then, why can't it work for an article now. I used to love to see the beginning of the story book starting with

 nce upon a time,  just brings me back so many memories of the story telling of fables. It brings fantasy and magic to the pages. I still like to implement this now. With the romantic letter to lure you into a story of happiness, romance, the importance of a subject, or even cues in to a special topic that inspires the reader.


Make sure you are using a single letter to start the beginning of your sentence to add that touch of elegance. Not a monogram using more that one letter. Knowing that we are in a text savvy world, still means use full sentence and full words to write. These helps all people to understand of all walks of life. We are looking at this for beauty not shorthand. There is so many types of fonts on the Computer that can complement your piece or you can create a letter in a program. I use different programs like paint.
Find out what any acronym, abbreviation, or initialism stands for

There is also a Acronym Finder is a searchable database of over 4 million acronyms most of these are used in the work force, organizations, schools, kids texting and etc...Sometimes acronym are great bullet points. Use the finder just in case you don't know some of these abbreviation that are used or perhaps needing a text abbreviations , or to look up one to use. Great resource for the not so texting savvy people like myself.

Some of my favorite acronym are found on my pinterest site.
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